I am not sure when the next time I can post to you guys again, so I am letting you guys know what is going on.

My mom has her surgery on Friday.  Seems I have a bridal shower to go to the following day.  And yes they invited her too.  That’s all I am going to say about that.

There is a trip to Ikea to pick up my frames and boxes.  Then I will be done.  ::Fist pump::.  Unfortunately this means that since she thinks I did a great job on my side of the room, she wants me to decorate the rest.  I sighed and agreed.  But this will be a challenge.  She wants a tea/coffee station.  Not in the kitchen.  Yeah, this will be fun.  PLEASE Ikea have something so this will be moderately painless!

I have finished the prep work, and now am ready to start writing.  Thank Godric!  I really have been feeling the need for writing.  So I plan to get it out of my system, and then come back to editing.  I know, I know.  You guys want your E/S new story, as well as the other stuff, especially the sequels.  Last count I have 14 open stories, and I am trying to cut down on those, plus I have a mom who will be demanding some chapters of her own story.

Everyone wants stories, and I need to write them first!!   I am also wanting to work on my Original Fiction.  If everything goes the way I am wanting, I will finish the Twilight one I am working on, work on the LOTR one, then finish Aos Si.  Then edit All I Want, and the Twilight one, while the prereading team and Betas start looking over Aos Si.  Then I can write more, (tons of stories to do this too) and then edit some more.  I may miss a couple of weeks of posting, but hang in with me!   There is so much going on in my life, that I am trying.  Writing is the way I escape and I need to relax.

For those of you clicking away at the Amazon Link, Thank you!   It is slowly giving us some much needed financial help, and allowing me to stay here writing.  It is nothing to you guys, no extra charges and fees, just use the link from here to go to Amazon when you shop.  Even Kindle Books and gift cards count.  It’s amazing what all can be credited to me, and those clicks and buys help me out.  So thanks!!!  WE will try to keep up the Amazon page so you can be aware of sales.

And while you are waiting for fics from me (In case I don’t get back to editing in time for when You’re is done, which will take a few more weeks, maybe a month or two even), check out my betas!!! They are freaking awesome and they write too!   My WordPress Whisperer has been unwell, but she has also put together many sites for others, to get them started to publishing away from FanFiction.  Click on the links and read their work!

Don’t forget the food blog.  My biweekly contribution is a bi-weekly menu.  We also have a new person in the blog.  If you wish to help out there, let the ladies there know.  They are anxious and full of ideas for it.  Just needing some lessons on how, but 4Padfoot is working with them to help out.

And last, but by no means last, we are still on the hunt for Betas.  We have some excellent benefits for being a beta, or even helping on the Food blog.  And what we like to do now is pair up new betas with some of our pros at it.  So if you want to, but not sure how, this is the best time to apply!  The beta email is around here, (somewhere on the side tab) and just send to them your particulars and/or contact Karen Meridian on Facebook, and she is the Queen of the Betas.  She will get you sorted into the right beta for you, and no worries, new ideas are coming along, so there will be stories to beta.

Enjoy the week, and hopefully there might be a post on a chapter, but I will need one of the ladies to post it, since Friday I will be at the hospital.  And enjoy Alex.  I have missed him… So I wanted to see him for awhile when I am on the home page.

Oh Yes!!!! There is a one shot challenge on the Facebook Challenge!!! I am so freaking eager for the results of this, which is ending on Friday 02/28/2014 at Midnight CST.  All the entries will be posted here, and then you will get to vote on the winner!  There will be more contests (And I may even enter a few!) coming since this is a huge hit.  I even got comments of it breaking through writers blocks.  If interested, join our group.  We love new members, and there are benefits to it.  from what I hear, my group is not your normal, I lord it over all, I try very hard to get the ladies involved in it.  It is also closed for a reason, to allow for more freedom for the group, and no one from outside to point a finger at us for any reason.

Wendy aka Kittyinaz