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No post this week, we have a beta we are praying for, and she has a real trying time of it.

But I do have good news, I finished You’re.  All the editing is done, and so therefore, unless Beta set backs happen, (And face it, we are human, so they will happen!) It should post to the end.  I am now reading a Twilight favorite, and plan to write that one out, then turn to MamaKitty’s story of the Twilight/LOTR crossover to write until I get frustrated again.  It’s a hard one to write, I have what I want to do, but carrying it out?  Well the characters want to go their own ways.

Afterwards, I will be editing the new E/S I keep baiting you on, and then try to either work on the OF Aos Si and finish that one, or edit the Twilight one and then keep going.  It takes a lot out of me to edit, and I love writing so much, but just check out those before edit numbers and the after edit numbers.   They should give you a huge clue on the type of work I have to do with these chapters when I go back and edit.

For right now, I am off to paint a mirror to go in my new office, giving life to a piece of wall décor that has not been in use since I left AZ.  Yeah!!   And then I will be back here reading and making dinner.  Stew with homemade biscuits.  It’s over in the food blog if you are interested, with step by step directions.

But I am trying to catch up on fics, and trying to get my first Original Fiction up and going out to publishers.  Though I have no idea what to do with it once I am done writing it.  So we will see.

Have fun, and we should be back to normal next week, but our betas are much more important to us that getting stories out, so we will just pass this week while we send good wishes to her.  Next week it will be MamaKitty’s turn again, and she is not looking forward to it.


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