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This week, I took my office, that looked like below, and transformed it into something neat (See more pics below.)   My mom is working on her side of the room.  She already switched the desks around and is now seeing where she wants everything.

Yes, I went and repainted the entire room (times two, some spots three times, including the ceiling.) then scrubbed the freaking floor, (Actually scrubbed with dawn and hot water) cause we were going to patch up a spot on the ceiling, which we did, then my hubby bought the stuff to make it repopcorn, since the other popcorn was put up with glue.  Industrial type.  But the damn stuff exploded everywhere, and when he painted the ceiling to prep it for it, I told him  no.  But we had to clean the damn stuff off the floor, and instead we ended up being able to remove DECADES of paint on the wooden floors.  Thank god for Steam cleaners, cause it removed the Dawn from the floor.  However… it worked!!!

Thursday (Cause Wednesday was spent getting the paint and supplies, and prepping the room.) was spent crawling around the floor, painting the trim, then when I got back to the beginning, instead of having to wait like I was told, it was completely dry.  So I applied a second coat.  I also had to make a false bead on the floor cause the idiots had covered up the original to the house from 1920’s wood floors with, yep you guessed it, carpet.  Only to rip it out, but not fix the trim.  So yes, there is carpet still under the trim.  Along with all those years of paint.  Now we had decided NOT to redo the room, since I was going to be spending so much on furniture, and all we thought it needed was a coat of paint. ::Bangs head on desk::  As you can see, not true.  The prepping of the room should have warned us, since we spent the time sanding off sharp edges to the texture on the wall and filling oh so many holes.   I was thrilled when my hubby came home and decided after checking the trim himself, to tape off the room and paint.  Yes!! We may actually get done by Friday!!!!

And… I was disappointed to say the least.  I am not scared of color.  My bedroom is what they call navy suede.  the ‘suede’ parts look like you rubbed your hand the wrong way and there are so many shades of blue in that room, it isn’t funny.  The ceiling is painted another color of blue, one of the shades that came from the suede effect, with bright white trim on the crown molding.  The ceiling looks MUCH higher than it really is, as well as gives a floating feeling.  Which works, since it was our first ceiling to put in ourselves, and Marty has one of the boards flipped, which later gives us a wavy look to that section.  Hey, live and learn!  But the reason I am saying this, is to give you an example of how I am.  And I was disappointed in the color of the room.  I was shooting for soft dove gray.  2 shades darker.  I got a soft gray.  Real soft, like almost white over the blue that was there before (faded denim).  I went to bed, upset.  We had also tried to remove the popcorn ceiling and nothing was going our way.

Friday morning, (After my hubs had been up to after 1am and got up 3am to go to work) I was woken by cleaning elves.  I told them not to bother with that room and my own, and went back to bed.  Bad headache, though the window was open.  All I can say is fumes.  Came in the room, and it was better, but the smudges on the ceiling were still the color I wanted, and the walls were not.  So I coated them again.  Better.

Hubs came home, (and he had left my flowers on the dresser since my desk was under a pile in the living room).  And instead of going out, he showed how much he knew me by bringing me what I call outlet plates.  To paint, so they will match.  He knows me so well.   He also tested the walls, and took off the tape around the room, and climbed up to tape off the walls for the ceiling.  He painted.  We ate take out from Mickey D’s me not wanting to go out in the madness of Valentines Day.  This, to me, was a better present.

The following morning, we got up, and went to Ikea.  Spent almost all day there.  I got my furniture. Lost my drivers license and Ikea Card, Hubby backtracked through the showroom and found license.  Hero!!!  Went downstairs, and started to pick up things to buy (Hubby had found a puppet owl which yes, is on my bookcase right now.)  My mom was picking her side of the room, and I had mine all picked out.  Fought with an employee who told me that they won’t restock in the middle of the day my bookshelves.  Then was vindicated when he showed they had 25 in stock and made him search for them.  We got home last night after stopping for dinner, and Marty started building, having me hand him parts since my CDO (OCD to normal folks, but it ain’t my fault you can’t put the letters in order!) has me excelling in this.  He put together a sofa table, (That doubles for me as a storage place and a table behind me) 2 bookcases and my desk.  Which took the longest.  Then he put together my mom’s desk.  It was past midnight when everything was finished.

Today, Connor woke us up, and I started to bring things into the room.  He replaced all the electrical work, and once everything was in here, he took off his electrician’s hat to put on his IT hat to put the computers together.   Then I brought in the books and fixed up my area, and tested my computer.  Then I took a nap.  My headache from the paint still there, and I pushed myself so my ankle AND knee were telling me how bad I was.  When I got up, I found he had completed the covers, put up the curtains, and put the glass back on the lights on the fan.  But it doesn’t stop there!! My mom came home, and he helped her to rearrange her furniture to her liking.

Finally, we are done.  Both of us.  Later (Tomorrow) I will take a picture of the room for those that care and have it up on the Facebook Page.  It looks so different, as you can tell from the preliminary pics.

But why am I sorry??  Chapter 18 AND 19 of You’re posted while I was out.  Meridian has since posted 18 to our different sites, but 19 is still here and waiting for the next Wednesday.  Just a hint, the Beta for that one likes posting on Fridays.  I didn’t have a computer, since mine was in pieces, and I kinda forgot to ask.  Sorry!!!

Other news, Prayers are needed for betas and MamaKitty since they will be in surgery soon.  One next week, and the other soon.  It was one of the reasons I pushed for this to be all done, since she wanted to go back to Ikea before the surgery to get the last of the stuff.  So this way we are all set.

Our awesome WordPress Whisperer has attacked my Tea Blog, and updated it.  As well as made it and the Food Blog’s latest posts be seen from the side menu.  We are also in the final stages of the interview process for this month’s participation on the Facebook page.  Damon of You’re is the winner, and the five questions to be asked is going on until Friday.

Also, for those wondering, I have a couple chapters of You’re left to Edit, then I will be working on a favorite to finish.  This one is NOT a one with a sequel, so when it is finished, it will be done.  then I will edit the new E/S story I have out, and then edit the story I finished.  Seeing a pattern?  I am hoping that I will be able to work on writing since I got a lot done when I was out.  I also want to get back to MamaKitty’s story so she can read it after her surgery.  So much going on!!!

I am going to go post chapters to FictionPad that should have been done Wednesday.  I am also going to spend the rest of my supposed day off, reading the 43 emails I have in my inbox.  🙂

Enjoy the chapter!! Click on the Picture at the beginning to get there.


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