Killian 10

Yes!!!   Many huge thanks to kelpieskorner for her awesome Betaing skills, She has gone back and redone all the chapters for Best.   We appreciate it!  And I even gave you guys a Gif for it!!  (And me to stare at until the next post!)

I have already done Chapter 6, sent on to missron80 to work on, but she works while I don’t, which gives me more time for writing, but even I had to wait a couple of weeks to write this current one..   My Co-author is awesome, and this coming chapter is very pivotal, so be patient!!!!!!!

If you haven’t seen already, I have a tea blog that I am writing about my adventures in blending teas.  It is fun, plus it reminds me of what I have already done.  I found a blend I used at the beginning I had forgotten about. Go check it out, it gets all excited cause 5 people liked it today.  It’s a baby site still.

We also have a new lady for the food blog, so expect to see some changes there also.  I’m excited about all this wonderful stuff!!!  This is all stuff that means more for you my ladies (And guys if there are any!) Happy Times!

I am still working on You’re.  I think there is something still going on with the current chapter, but once I have clarification on posting it officially up, I will let you know.  Once I am done with this, I may take a break and work on the story I have now, before getting the new story ready for publishing.  Remember, I am trying to give you guys completed stories, but I will go back through the stories to see if I have any chapters that are done, but not edited.   Who knows?  Maybe I will read one, get all inspired and finish it?

I am trying to make sure there is stuff to read for you guys, so be patient!!!

Enjoy the chapter, remember we will not post this to any other site until Wednesday.


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