…That’s right! Bertie Bott here with a new chapter of Wendy’s super awesome story, “Tea Shoppe.” Please give it a read and don’t forget to review 🙂

As I’m sure you noticed, there’s tons of fun stuff happening in Kittyinaz land right now. We have her February Writing Challenge with one-shots waiting for your vote. I have it on good authority that it’s a close race and now that the ever wonderful 4Padfoot has made it so we can vote more than once, I’m predicting an even closer finish so be sure to vote and vote again for your favorites!

We also have a hilarious interview with the dapper young gentleman Damon Salvatore up! It quite literally made me laugh out loud and I know you’ll enjoy it too so check it out. The food blog is filled with even more tasty treats and tips (as if that were possible!) and we betas are still keeping tack of our email (kittysbetas@gmail.com) for any missed mistakes you may find…

That about does it for me, and please don’t forget: read, review, and vote. Happy weekend to you all!