So I was perusing my stats for this site, and while a lot of us are in the US, there are many who are from all over the world!!!  Thanks!!!  I would say it many languages, but I barely speak Italian, which people down here in Texas think Grazie is me mispronouncing their world for it.  I was born in Pittsburgh.  Spanish was not spoken, but Italian???  Oh heck yeah!

I bet you are wondering what has been going on in my world?  We have betas getting sick, Kittyinaz getting sick, fans getting sick.  Sometimes I think viruses do travel through the computer.  Cause we do seem to get sick in batches.  I was getting better, then I agreed to help my mom organize her office.  This was scary.

Let’s look at the pics:

The first set is the Front office.  We spent money, but a total of $600 was spent and it changed the place drastically. We took the wine rack out to the storage room, added 2 9 cubicle shelves facing back to back to take a lot of the mess off the table and to allow for storage.  Since they are dealing with foundations, we have them each a black basket for the drawings to be assigned to them to be placed.  They also do windstorm, so there are now handing folder baskets for them to get the work.  Not shows, but they each have a cork board tile to place where they like, and a large glass whiteboard for them to use.  I’m proud of the shelving unit, that was my idea and I built them.  And a plus was that the drawings that they work on together, can be placed in the middle shelf and fit.  Pictures were hung up and all in all, it looks nice for an office.  They are going to print out some of the drawings that they have done and frame them to add more to the office.

Next was the storage room.  I did a lot of work on the front office, but this area was my baby. Let’s look at the before and after pics.

There is only one of the before, why?  That back corner could not be stood in.  It had boxes and so on stacked every which way.  My mom had though of the plastic industrial shelving and from there, I used stuff they had.  they hated the wire basket they had, but they are perfect for putting the folders, envelopes and printing cartridges in to be easy to see the baskets.  I also have the paper out of the boxes, and the old storage boxes up on the top since they need to keep them, but hardly get into them.   I also had a small glass whiteboard put up for the people to list desired supplies.  The fridge was retrieved from storage and hooked up with the microwave on it.  The wine rack had the glass put in and organized since this is what people will see when they walk past.  The remaining space by my mom’s office is for a hooks for coats.  It will also make sure there is nothing placed there since she is claustrophobic, and hated to go out of her office.  This will make it look nicer on her way to her office.  And yes the wastepaper basket holding the drawings was a deliberate laugh.  Those are failed drawings and they used to have everything in waste paper baskets, since they held the drawings the best.  I thought this would be a great use, but didn’t use it.  My mom did.

The last room?  My mom’s office itself.

OK, My hubby did her office.  I could not take being in the room for very long, and when she kept asking me to look at her workflow, she was really telling me how she works.  I didn’t need to know that, I just tugged at my hair while I worked out what the hell to do with her office.  The first thing I told her, was we had to reorganize her filing cabinets and get her at least one cube, if not more for storage and filing if it came to that.  Her office was the most expensive, but then, she is the office manager, and the 2nd in charge.  The other mays come and go, but she is there to stay.  And her mind works better with the stuff we bought her, it had chalkboards on the front of the milk crates, (That looks to be made of teak) and so on.  The blue folders everywhere? that was the issue, but once Marty totally redid her office, she felt better.  He used the entire office, and like I suggested, took her pictures that were located on her bookshelf, and put them up, and scattered her personal stuff around, to make it more of a welcoming place for her.  She has been taking a hour-half an hour to work on her files each night, and says it is almost done.

Now the boss’ room?  Yeah not doing.  Refused.  Couldn’t even think of how.  So.. he stay as messy as he is, but that is how he works.

That was my weekend, and yes it was packed with shopping.  For example.  I went online, and planned out my office online.  Found everything including the boxes and the decorations were planned out by me.  The colors of the office, everything.   I made a list for IKEA, and when we went, we spent more time there for mom picking out her stuff than me.  I went through and found things to use, but I am quick and decisive, the things I know I would wonder about, I looked ahead of time.  My mom, she prefers to shop on the spot.  So we spent 2 hours in one targets running back and forth on stuff, and getting all the baskets only when we walked out of it.  My hubby was sick and sleeping in the car, so poor him!!!  That night, I told mom to look up and make sure she had what she wanted.

Then the next day we went to Sam’s to pick up the storage room stuff, then to a different Target and they decided on the shelving, only keeping one of my ideas for her office.  I chuckled and went off exploring.  Got Connor a toy and came back to find them still talking about it.  Finally they decided, and we bought and left, showing up to the office and her boss being there.  He helped Marty to bring up the stuff.  Then we all separated, (With him working) and we attacked the storage room first.  Since the wine rack had to go in there, and so much else, we organized that.  And when I could do it myself, after her bringing me the supplies kept all over the office, I dealt with that while she helped Marty.  When I was done, I went and built the shelving.  Needless to say Marty beat me building his shelving.  Her boss left asking her to come early, thinking we weren’t going to finish.  To be fair, it looked awful when he left.  We had to tear up everything and then do it all over.

All in all, it was a rewarding weekend, since we got a lot done, and felt accomplished….after we saw the pics.  It was hard to remember what we had started with and how much better it looked later.

For posting, we are working on it.  Actually I am writing a new fic the E/B one, when I am well.  But today I got a rejection letter from Twilighted for ED, telling me I have numerous problems with the following issues, Capitalization, Grammar, Phrasing/Sentence/Paragraph structure, Punctuation and Word choice/usage: Phase vs faze.  I was pissed, and suggested that the real reason was because it was not a Edward/Bella fic.  Ugh.  We may be working on a site for people with Crossovers.  Why?  Because I want to stick my middle finger up at the so called people over there.  I am pissed.

So once Beta’s are well, and things are fine, we will be posting.  You’re IS DONE.  Just needs to be beta’d for the rest of the chapters.  And for all those people asking, no story is abandoned.  I am working through a fic I would have done this too, but since I hate when authors do that, I am working on it.

Patience is the word.  And if you are someone who writes Crossovers, or would be willing to work on the backside of the site reading and seeing if a story passes, leave a message.



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