Yep, we have finished our first contest for the Kittyinaz Writing Contest.  And with the votes totaling over 1,300 votes, well what can I say???  the hits on the site for the days they were up showed you supported your group, reading the stories, sometimes more than once!!!

Missron80 did such an awesome job with both sets of Banners, I am going to show them both off!

Also, the results from Damon spilling the beans of the next story in my head, the voting for the next pairing is also done.  That one had over 1,100 votes! The results are as follows:

Over 500 Eric/Bella (Already writing it)

Over 400 Damon/Bella (Have one in the works)

Over 100 Elijah/Bella (This one threw me but I will see what I can do later….)

The under a hundred are :Klaus/Bella Godric/Bella, Other and Alice/Hatter.   Other included a request for Connor and his squeaky toy which amused me!

So off to write, until I go off to IKEA to finish my side of the room.  Boxes and frames.  And tomorrow grocery shopping.  Oh yeah…………………..

Enjoy, and there is teaser stuff up for the new story.  Good luck in hunting it down!


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