I know it has been awhile, but hey, Real Life comes first for my betas.  And unfortunately for me too.  Poor Connor has been walking with me to bed and back.  I think I have exhausted him with as many trips I have been making!

Eric as a much better Old Spice Man

Now that I got your attention, here is what is going on:

I should be taking a sick day, but the Eric/Bella story if pushing its way through and I typed up 3 chapters yesterday, and one earlier.  So it is coming pretty quick, and while I was thinking a one shot story Meridian has managed to coax more stories out of it.  Blame her.

When I am done, I wanted to work on the Twilight one that this one interrupted, but I think I will edit two (2) new stories to get them to the betas and allow them to post.  Less chance of Real Life coming up from behind and attacking us.  Not promising anything, cause it seems if something attacks one of us, it soon catches the rest of us.  We have no idea, since we should be safe spread out through out the world, but it never fails.


News and updates to the site.  Big news to BertieBott and I, we will be traveling to meet each other and Ian at the Vampire Diaries in Las Vegas in Sept.  There is a countdown on both of our sites, both of us thrilled.  If you wish to join up with us, hurry up and get those tickets!! They are moving fast.

Our WordPress Whisperer has been creeping behind me on silent feet and doing fun stuff to my pages.  I put up the new Eric/Bella (Note I will never do a Edward and Bella story, E/B is Eric/Bella) story so I can save my drafts on this site as normal.  I also have been adding characters as I think them up on the Character page.  Low and behold me coming on to find I have slideshows showing off Eric, MY Bella, and Godric.  I know she has done more, and I just haven’t stumbled on it.

MissRon80 has somehow kept up on my demand for pics for all the new characters.  Not too sure how she does it, but Wow!

I also have been sharing those updates I get for stories, to let you guys know there are some awesome writers out there.  Sadly, not a lot of them are on WordPress, and even when they are, it takes me being on the computer.  My iPad hates WordPress sign on.  Or WordPress signon hates my iPad.

There is a new writing contests up on the Kittyinaz Facebook page.  You are more than welcome to join and participate, as well getting little teasers (Like the entire list of pics for Clocks) and anything else I am working on.

I have not been good even on my Tea Blog, or the Food Blog.  All I can tell you is whatever I have, is exhausting.  But my brain is stronger and won’t let me stop writing.  So I doing as the current song I am writing to says, keeping my head up, moving on.   As soon as we can get stuff up we will, but like I said above, RL takes precedence.  Its even in the Beta Rules!!!   Also, as you can see, I am cranking out chapters and new stories.  If you wish to join us, email us at  Or notify Meridian on Facebook.  We are always looking for betas, and you just have to have the will to try.  you will be put with a beta who knows the ropes and willing to help you.  Betaing isn’t a race, and it is why when I do edit a story for being posted, I try to edit it all at once, to give the betas a chance to work on them and publish when they feel comfortable.

So keep an eye out, and as soon as I can finish this one, a bunch of stories will be heading your way, hopefully allowing me to finish others, and get my own fic on the way.


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