I have the great honor of informing you guys of a new site that my group from Facebook has spent the last 2 weeks putting together.  There has been testing and so much more going on, but today, I am happy to announce it is live!

What is this new site?  It is called Crossover Haven, and that is what it is for.  For authors to put their crossovers on a site dedicated to them and them only.  We are planning for their to be awards and so on to be done as the site gets further along.  There is a mature area, and there are areas for non M rated fics.

Submission is easy, there is a form to be filled out.  The submission forms will set you up  on your Author page as well as your first chapter of your story.  After that, it will up to you to keep up your stories.  There is a team of people willing to help out.  If you have a crossover story not showing up don’t worry, we are ready to add any crossovers you guys want to hand us.

If you have any suggestions, see anything that bothers you, or wish to ask questions, please use the email button on the side to email us.

We are seriously thrilled to be introducing this to the general public, and look forward to seeing you guys submit stories!   I love Crossovers, and my group loves them too.  So click on the banner above and it will take you to the new site!

Enjoy and please spread the word!!


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