In case you don’t know, the new chapter of You’re is up for WordPress users also.  For instance, Chapter 22 is new to you guys, but WordPress gets the chapters first, so they have chapter 23 up.  The links haven’t been put in, but you can find it on the previous post.  The Posting order goes as follows:  Facebook, WordPress.   My posting weeks begins on Wednesdays.  So anything posted from today until next Tuesday is what is loaded up for FanFiction the following Wednesday.  There is goodies to be found for coming to the site I own.

Welcome to my WordPress, where it gets fun.  Sit back and enjoy.  And if you like teasers, go to the Facebook Group.  We have fun, share stories, and teasers galore.  I am off to write the last chapter of the story I am working on now…..