Yep, and you got One Shots to read, a surprise One Shot by yours truly, and so much more.  So get comfy to read this post, I got some great reading for you to do… and vote on!! Yes folks, its that time of the month again, the Kittyinaz’s Monthly Writing Challenge is now open and ready for you to read the brave souls who stepped forward and wrote for the contest!

What was the Challenge for this month?  It was a song, The Next Contestant by Nickelback.  The song is on the challenge page, so please do listen to it.  What made me choose this?   Funny you ask!   The reason is that it has been in my head for a one shot for a long time, and since I could not decide completely on the couple for the fic, I thought it would be great to use.

Please remember that the contests are to help inspire others to write, and to also let you know some of the authors out there.  This may give them their break (which I would love to hear!), or just give you a new author that has been writing for awhile a shot at a different audience to read them. The names have been withheld, and you are voting on the story itself. There is no maximum words, nor this time a need to stick with one of my stories.  It just had to be characters from my stories.  Hey, it’s my contest! I had to get my stuff in there somehow!

But, to surprise everyone, I had wanted to enter, to get one of the snazzy banners missron80 makes, instead, I admitted I shouldn’t.  So instead, I wrote a One Shot, that Bertie Bott Beta’d since it is her story.  I wrote a Tea Shoppe One Shot.  It takes place in the future.  It’s to assure that no, I have not forgotten the fic, in fact for those that were not aware, it is getting a facelift by Bertie Bott, and Mommy4Thomas (My new Beta, so give her a warm welcome!).  They are doing the facelift, then getting Twilighted Tea Shoppe ready for the next chapter.  It is NOT forgotten, and this one shot reminded me of all the fun of the cast.

So here is my One Shot: (And yes Missron80 did make me a snazzy banner for it!)

the Next Contestant

And once the WordPress Whisperer, aka 4Padfoot  gets the chance, she will provide a link between that and the challenge page, but I’ll put it on here for all of you guys.  You can vote more than once, in fact the voting window is on the side.  Tricky and awesome aint she?  She also won’t share the results with anyone unless they give her bribes….

She has also made a page for the Meme of the Kittyinaz Facebook group.  It’s been thrown around since the beginning, and really taken off, it’s “Shouldn’t you be writing?”  It started with Meridian throwing the ones of the Avengers at me all the time, and since then it has exploded to the point that 4Padfoot has made a page for it. Here is the one that started it all and you can click on it to get to the page…that somehow is missing this one….  hmmmmmm…….

You Should Be Writing 1

Also, don’t forget to visit her page if you are thinking of doing anything on WordPress.  She has made her site into a showcase showing all the sites she works on.  And I am not ashamed to say I push her for new and exciting things as I see possibilities.

There is the Food Blog, which  is not having a Bi-weekly menu from me, sorry guys, I was so sick the last couple of weeks, I never made the food from the last time, so I bought what I needed fresh and am redoing it.  There are some changes, but really, it’s a reuse of the previous week.  Sorry for those that read that!

The Tea Blog?  The same thing, too sick to write.  I can’t even write fully on my E/B story.  In fact I spent the whole day trying to get iTunes to recognize my phone, then once I got that working, my Office wouldn’t work.  Many, many, MANY restarts later, I am not messing with anything.  It all works, including a new printer, and I aint touching anything.  Not tonight.

Tomorrow is another posting week, so we will be posting to the sites the one shot above, and the chapter of You’re.  Since the Beta for You’re is sick, Meridian has stepped forward to work on it.  She is a saint, and is stepping to work on it until the end, then Sitalia25 will be back to Beta the rest of the trilogy.   So expect the updates on that to start up, she is asking questions, and I am answering them since she is not a follower of TVD.

There is the awards going on… FanaticsFFheaderAwardsand

The NonCanon Awards

Go vote.  There are tons of people on both that deserve it!!

So pull up a chair, get comfy, and click on their banner for the One Shots for the March 31, 2014 Challenge.  Have fun!


Enjoy And I will see you all soon!!!


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