Yep, It’s Sunday, and you guys liked the idea of me showcasing talent on my site.  So I was excited when Robin told me that she made a video for me!  And it was loading…everyone eager to watch, none more than me… Then her dogs pulled out the power cord to the computer.  No kidding.

She felt so bad she had me view it on her computer, and I told her I would wait when the connection was not nice to us.  I waited, and it finally posted to You Tube.  So here I am with my video to tempt to writing more Damon.  Anything.  LMAO!!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t58VrUKbLW4]

Also…It seems Gyllene and Robin had some time on their hands and when I complained I wanted to make banners and couldn’t figure it out, they worked with me, to the point they did the networking thing, and nice, patient, Gyllene sat there and showed me what I was doing wrong.  Let’s say I may have taken off.  I am going off to update the Banners as requested by Gyllene with the ones I worked on.  And I am still learning and playing with effects and so on.  I plan to work on it during the times I am lacking time to get into stories.  And weekends.  However weekends have been with that whole not able to work on stories thing.

Winners for the Writing Contest for this month?  Well I will drop the Banners here and you can see them.  They are truly all awesome and I am looking forward to this month’s submissions.  After I make all the stuff ready for it of course!

Other fan made videos?  Hmm.  I think I will start off with an odd one, but I loved it, and watch it still to this day.  This is an Alice 2009 fan made video made by LollyMalfoy featuring Silent Lucidity by Queensryche.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE2lmznHhRM]

I plan on doing these more timely, but hey, it was all for a good reason!  So enjoy the videos, and give 4Padfoot some loving and subscribe to her You Tube!  And if you go to visit LollyMalfoy’s Syfy Alice – Silent Lucidity, tell her Kittyinaz sent you.  LOL!

I will see you later this week with a chapter update.