Damon 214

Yep you heard it here!  And let me tell you.  when Karen puts the warning that it is NSFW, she really means it!  Yes folks, we are talking that this chapter will not be as fun for those on FanFiction.  It is a MA pictures with MA scenes being described.

And if you had been wondering how I tied in the original books, a lot of it will become clear as you read it.

Now for happenings around the Kittyinaz block.

There are those fandoms voting we spoke of last week.  I would really appreciate it if you vote for me.  Pretty please?  And vote for all those great people that I listed.   They all deserve it.

Tea Blog, yeah think next week for that one.  Wedding people.  Big huge family wedding that will have guests here all weekend and throughout the week.  What does this mean?  Starting Friday (Because this snuck up on me, it really did somehow and I did think that I will mysteriously drop some weight.) I have to go out shopping.  Such a chore.  <sighs>  How am I to get through it?

The food blog bi-weekly thing I do will be late cause lets face it, no grocery shopping will be happening until AFTER the wedding stuff is taken care of.

untitledThe MamaKitty had some great news this week, she has been declared cancer free now.   We are so relieved, it has not soaked in yet.  As a reward, she is getting the house painted.  LOL. I get barky Connor all day, she gets a pretty house.  And I know what it coming, landscaping next.  yuck.  I hate pulling weeds.

The voting for the one shots for the challenge will be over tomorrow.  I think Robin’s time.  So go vote!  Make it exciting!!!!  There are some truly awesome stories out there! Make your voice be heard!

And there may be or may not be truth in a rumor that my group is up to something bug, huge even.  We may or maynot be kicking it around to see if any bugs fall out.  If you want to get in on something groundbreaking, get yourself hither to the Facebook Group!

Now go shoo.  There is a chapter to read, one shots to read and vote.  (And leave reviews on too!! They check for those!) and many fun things on the site.

We also have a new member to the admin group here at Kittyinaz. I want to welcome Gyllene to the group.  Seems Robin wanted a minion.  I guess she got tired of being mine.  So she got one.  This will be fun between the two, cause I can already tell you, they work awesomely together!

So enjoy!!