Yep.  It’s here.  And it has a story!  ( I know you are moaning and going to find the pic to click… but hey! My post!)

See I wrote this, and Sitalia25 has been the beta on it all this time.  Due to circumstances WAY beyond her control, and then us worried as hell about her, and then she told us to go ahead with it, she is going to concentrate on getting better, (Which I support one hundred percent!!!!!!!!!  I rather she came back for the sequels!  In prefect health!)  She is up to date on the Vampire Diaries and what is going on there and she talks with me a lot.

Then comes all this shit, and Meridian is taking over.  Now Meridian is the Queen Beta of all of it, and she does I Never…Did and the Set You Free Trilogy, as well as various one shots and the Interviews.  She is also in charge of the Betas which means she overlooks it all.  However, she doesn’t know Vampire Diaries.  She is getting brought up to date quickly, but she is looking at the story from an outside viewpoint, and came up with all these questions on this chapter.  So I went back and added over 2K words to make it make sense.

Then I told my betas that she did the right thing, and if they find issues, ASK!!!  Because I am in my own happy little worlds that I see everything.  I forget sometimes you guys can’t tell.  So I went back and helped clarify it all.

I know you guys have questions about how Jasper and Bella are related, and I will say it will be answered.  And it will be answered for Jasper and Bella.  Since they are not sure either, since Jasper doesn’t know what happened and how Bella is his family.

Right now I got a couple of reviews about a one shot I had done long ago, and it sparked something.  I am off to see what it can be.  For this is Friday, and I am writing this ahead of time, cause I am doing stuff tonight (seeing Captain America!), and then tomorrow I will be starting the spring clean of the house.  My mom is tired of all the piles of stuff in closets and hidden away everywhere.  I hate the smell coming from places, and since smells can make bad reactions, we will be having MamaKitty working on that part.

I will be doing my thing, organizing it all.  Knew I never should have done her office.

Going on around the website, Food Blog, Tea Blog, yeah I will try to work on those this weekend.  Sundays are my days off and I have found that I need them.  No computers, no Facebook, nothing but being with hubs.  Who is in the Doghouse right now, but still.  Nice.  They are often his only days off too, so it works out.

The contest for the Challenges ends 04/10/2014 at Robin’s midnight.  I would say mine, but she is in charge of the results.  Next weekend is the wedding, so I will be out of here from Friday and be back on Monday.  We have out of towners coming also, so it all is going to be fun.  I hope!

Sequels, I have been getting requests for them, and they are in the works.  I am actually trying to get rid of fics.  But as I am going back to one shots, I do read your reviews and think on them, so DON’T give up!

Now I am going to work on what I can before all the people start descending on me.  Connor is sleeping at my feet happy to have someone home with him and in a room he thinks is his.  Though Mommie cleaned up all the junk and threw away all but the least damaged toys.  So he may be moping.  Either way, he is quiet and I am going to write.


(Meridian says:  Get well soon Sitalia25 – we really miss you, but please don’t worry about beta’ing right now.  Your health is WAY more important!   But…can I borrow your Vampire Diaries brain?  Please??  I won’t hurt it….honest I won’t!!  And:  Madam Kittyinaz:  Your brain is brilliant – no ifs, ands, or buts about it!  You’d make a FANTASTIC evil genius! )

And now, on to the chapter: