And a VERY Happy Easter to you all!!!! I am getting more proficient in Elements.  But not enough to put bunny ears on an owl.  Or anyone else…. LOL!

So, for what has ben going on.  I have finished the first five chapters to Wisdom, and you guys will get it when I do the other 4 stories I am working on writing and then Editing.  I am back to working on Clocks, and so Happy that my Muse finally let me in on the plans for that one.  She let me know the following stories, but no the one I was writing. Stinker.

Right now, (Its the weekend, my time!) I am working on Character Banners.  Go check out ITE’s character pages and you can see what I am doing.  Our WordPress Whisperer is even making some neat things happen also.

The new site is getting hits, but we need some of you that are writers to submit also!!! If your crossover is not listed, no worries!  We will put it up!  There were just too many to guess at so we took a selection of the first page of crossovers to use, along with the ones we have already submitted.  And there is a Mature section, that you have to click a button to say you are over 18 years of age to enter.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting a lot of new followers, so it is good for you on your site also!

Ok, what am I showcasing today?  The artistic hand of one of my ladies.  Her pen name is Cuinawen.  And while she writes some really awesome stories, she also can draw!!! Her banner and background were handmade by her.  She also has a gallery of her drawings.  I only wish I could do the same!!!  I had a book on drawing horses, and I can do anything beyond the basic cicles and lines in between.  It kinda looks like a horse…..  If you turn your head to the side and squint hard.  But please go check out her site!!!   Click on her name up above to be transported to her site!

4Padfoot has not made any videos this week (That I know of), so I dipped into my fandom videos for you guys to watch.

The first one is one that made me fall in love with this song.  I never head of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus until I got obsessed with syfy Alice fan made videos.  So I bring to you one of the ones who inspired me to write the Alice and Hatter fic. Subscribe if you like her stuff!

The second one is one of the best fanmade videos I have seen.  I love Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars, and when I saw this Vampire Diaries rendition of it, I was dumbfounded.  She did one, then redid it. Again, don’t forget to subscribe or leave a comment!

Other than that, I am working on banners then back to Clocks.  I have been dropping off teasers when I am writing, so you guys have some stuff in there to read, as well as allthe other teasers and stories on the page form the other ladies.

So I am off to make more banners, to relax, and to have fun this Sunday!



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