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I’m so sorry!!! I’ve been working on the nominations, and luckily Gyllene pulled my attention to the fact I have not done the Sunday Post!

This is a kinda short one.  I have not done anything but try to sleep, and working on the Nominations.  You guys ROCK!!! We are overwhelmed by the responses and working all of our buts off to get the nominations verified and to get them out there for you guys to see and so the Authors can be shocked at the responses as we are.  I am so happy with the whole thing!!!

No I have not done the interview.  I promise I am thinking of it!!!!   I also need to get back into writing.  The good news?  I had a suggestion from ladies of my group to get a melatonin from Sam’s.  It is strawberry, and dissolves in your mouth.  Now, I expected it to work kinda like Ambien, and for me, it didn’t.  But it was telling my body to go to sleep.  I ended up take some Benadryl’s to help knock out my allergies that are so bad, I was looking like I was crying from my watering eyes.  And would you know it, I was knocked out.  Got 7 hours which is like 2 or 3 days worth of sleep. So yes.  There is an end to all of this.  Amen!

I want to say, Happy Mother’s Day for those moms, Stepmoms, to be moms, want to be moms and those of the four legged persuasion.  And yes, the four legged counts.  I have sat up all night for Connor and Morgan.  Morgan I stayed awake and sitting by her crate after her surgery for long ass shifts with my hubby.  I remember that night, she had just got fixed, and it was late in life.  Well 2 years old.  But she is a licker, and so we had to try to keep a cat from licking her belly.  Not fun.   And Connor, when he was sick I stayed up all night and into the following morning and day until he was fine. Don’t get me wrong, moms have a tough job!!! And I so admire that!

The video on top brings up the eye on person for the week.  Robin aka 4Padfoot .  Yes, you guys are getting used to her videos, which are freaking awesome!! And yes, she is the WordPress Whisperer.  She is freaking awesome!! And wiling to help out any of us.  Then there is the fact that she makes banners.  All this in one woman who we cannot say enough glowing things.  Check out the 3 videos she made this week.  the One on top for Mother’s Day, then the two below for ladies who had their birthdays this week.  She is the one you have seen the moving gifs for buttons, yep.  She did the Kittyinaz Gif.  (Whch I need to bug her to put on my side!) And which is my avatar for Facebook now.   And she does this for free.  So stop by her site, look at all the awesome things she has done, and let her know how awesome she is!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLPObbdhJts?rel=0]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlJ_6Kh1aTs?rel=0]


Robin made kittyinaz Resized

So much more to her site.  Click the banner to go there. or her name up above.

Now, is the fan videos… Which I am thrilled to do.  I think this week will be…… Hurricane by 30 Seconds from Mars!!!

The first one I saw was one for Alice.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPFpp0B7nag?rel=0]

It’s by Inara Aeryn.  It was the one that hooked me on the song.  In fact I did a lot to find this specific version. Please tell her I sent you!!

I can tell you, I was hooked on the song.  Then I found this one for Vampire Diaries:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlJRqTmul14?list=PLcyLGSl_i0skn3w7X7Om3kLRe48sAfsrG]

Its by Fortheloveofvampire.  She has done 2 versions, and this is the one I LOVE!  It has a lot of Damon in it… And I love it!! Again, Subscribe to her, and let her know I sent  you over!

Next? Tin Man.  But unfortunately, it is gone……  If you can find one, let me know!

After that? Once Upon a Time 🙂  It’s a newer version of the song, done 02/1/14.  So lots of Captain Swan goodies!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOFjNcK0eBc?rel=0]

It’s by Sandra Rebelo.  She is new to me, and I am going to be looking forward to seeing more of her work!  Let her know you checked out her video!

And last?  True Blood of course!!!!!

 [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAw-I7YtW0Y]

 This last one is by Danizsta.  It caught my attention cause it starts off with Godric.  And from there she does a beautiful job with the video.  It is something that I have noticed the timing is a HUGE thing.

So hope you enjoy this.  I am going back to finish the nominations so we can announce it!