You're FF_edited-3I’ve told you guys before, RL comes before my work.  I heavily enforce this on everyone but me.  If I do it, I am usually so sick I can’t find a dang thing to do.  Well with the addition of Photoshop to my skills, it helps.

Why am I telling you this?  Because It’s what I am working on.  When Meridian ain’t sending me her sick muse with weird dreams.  .  As you may know, I am working on completing 4 stories before I edit for publishing.  It’s a little harder to work now a days.  I have Mamakitty work on her stories, so I am helping her understand the different programs, cause she too has photoshop and is looking forward to do her own things for it.  Because of this, I end up not working on writing right now so she doesn’t make me forget what I was writing.

So now I am replacing all those covers in Facebook. (Yes that pic above is one of the banners!)  Then I may go back and try to write in the day, but like most of the writers here, I am a night owl.  It’s quieter, and I seem to do more stuff.  Its either that or go back to AZ.  Right now, with the allergies, I wanna go back.  LOL

But I have reached that plateau that I am going to have to write since I have nothing to read but updates.  All I can say is soon, ladies and gentlemen.  I will be going into an editing of four stories so you will have more updates coming, but be patient.  Soon everything will settle down…

You have surely heard a lot of stuff on the awards by Facebook group is hosting.  Go nominate, please.  You do NOT have to fill out all the categories, but at least nominate one person!   Also, there is the Crossover Haven.  I am seriously thinking of publishing a story only on it to get people over there.  Sign up and you will get the updates.  Thanks for supporting it!

Robin has updated the Amazon partnership with sales and so on.  Please use it.  I try not to be a bother, but it seems if I remind you guys, then my hubby is not so stressed with money.  either it is working or stories.  I don’t have the energy for both.

Enjoy the chapter and I will hit you guys up with the Sunday post tomorrow!