Happy Father's dayHappy Father’s Day to any Dad’s reading this!  I am not sure who all is following this anymore, so I figure I will give it, since Dad’s do so much for us all.

Today is the first father’s day that I only have one dad.  More than some, I know, but since both of my dad’s have been around me my whole life, I never known to have only one.  I lost my granddad’s early in life, or didn’t know them.  So I had one of those for most of my life, and he passed away a year ago.  Well a year and a half ago.  But he had been gone much longer than that.

So all in all, a bittersweet Father’s Day.  Luckily, my dad, my stepdad, understands. He laughed yesterday when I stole someone thing he wanted to buy out of his hands and bought it for him.  Hey, it’s guaranteed to be something he wanted right?

I am sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the Sunday posts, but let’s face it.  Life Sucks for me lately.  But I am tired of being down, so let’s try to cheer up!

News:  Ok for those that are not aware (aka not in the group) I have been teasing chapters of a story Royal Ember inspired.  It is not connected to her story, in fact not the same story at all, but her story sparked my muses to making me dream of it, so she gets credit!  It is a Harry Potter/Twilight crossover, and so far my group is loving it.  My Beta will be Bertie Bott, who is a potterhead to help me not make newbie mistakes.

Where I am in writing, I going to finish up the plotline that is pushing me to write Heavenly (The new story) and finish another crossover, then I will edit.  I am struggling with the other two, so I want to get you guys the stories that are all set, and then I won’t feel like the world is pushing me.  So there will be 3 new stories coming to you.  Heavenly is going to break my no new stories posting until they are done, cause it will be epic.  I will need cheerleading.

What If is the story I am working on, that is giving me fits, and I will edit the chapters I have on it.  Then I will try to finish it after I am done editing everything.  I want it gone, I was in a bad place when I wrote it and I am trying to actively not go there with everything going on around me.  I want it done, and I am working to give you guys a suitable ending for it.  I will not cop out with it, but I will tell you I will be changing it up to make it possible to write it.

You guys will be getting a new E/S/G, I have had up the video that inspired the story, and it’s called All I Want.  Mknue will be the beta on that one.  It is my fix for the fuckery.  It starts at the end of Season 6.

The second new story based on my Points of Authority one shot in Twilight.  This will be done in sections, The first being Wisdom.  The fic is called Wisdom, Justice and Love. It is being beta’d by Bertie Bott.

The last I will finally reveal.  It is a Mummy/Twilight crossover.  Don’t ask why, but everyone who has read it, has been excited about it.  It too will be done in three segments.  Unlike Wisdom, there is no structure and no guarantee the length of the chapters.  This one has no beta.

I will be editing what I have of What If, and that beta is Magsmacdonald.

When done editing, I am hoping to finish up What if, and write more on I never… did.  You gusy are so excited for the story, as well as I am, that I want to keep it going.  I will be finishing In The End (ITE) and will be starting Edge.  I want to make sure you guys have plenty to read.


Ok.  Who is up to be recognized?  Meridian!!! This lady is freaking AWESOME!!! She is the Queen of my Betas for a reason.  She is one of 4 betas who sync with my brain so well that its kinda scary!  She is also the one who after seeing all the stuff I was working on before, told me I was insane and took off my hands the updating of all my fics on the sites, but for Fiction Pad.  She also is the one who decides who will be betas, and partners them up with people, and doing all that stuff.  She wants me to write.  Seems she likes my brain or something.  She also listens to me rant, me throw ideas and when I am doing nothing but brainstorming.

But most importantly?  She jumps on board with me doing projects, and she is also the one who tells me.. slow down.  She looks after me personally, and often listens to me when I ramble.  She supports my efforts in Photoshopping, even if she doesn’t like it.  She is one of those prized friends that we all need.  One that is honest, and sticks by you no matter what.  She tells you the truths you don’t want to hear when you need to, to support you when you need it and just there.  Odd that I have never met her, but she is truly one of the few people I tell everything to.  Even when she calls me a murderer on a story I am writing.  LMAO

She also writes, and it is I who found her first.  I found her by Anticipating, and bugged the shit out of her on Ao3.We talked, and then she shocked me by loving my stories, and then offered to beta the now Set you Free Trilogy.  Holy shit!! This awesome writer wanted to work with me?  Since then it has been a ride and a half.  I’m still amazed that she loves my stories.

Then there is the fact she is the muse whisperer.  She encourages the muses, and I think she whispers to them too much, but I love it. She is also the one when I said I wanted to write something Original, she jumped in.

So go read her stuff.  It is awesome, and I will be featuring her as my first author, cause well, she was the first one to turn it in!! So look for the interview, and the reviews of her story to be posted soon.

Music_edited-7 Christi-1

Videos!!!  Yes I will be doing these again, even though I still cannot leave a message on You Tube for the amazing artists to know they are being featured.

I think I will do videos who inspired Stories…

The first one is In The End Sookie and Eric.  The name helps with the story.  In The End.  Don’t ask how, I can’t tell you, but it was watching this that started the wheels started to turn.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD7tVJcLr7M]

The Next one is Can We start again.. That inspired All I Want.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Lag35lcorg?rel=0]

The What If questions inspired me to make my own What if on it all.  My fix for the fuckery of True Blood.  So much will be fixed per me…

This is the video that inspired me to write more on I Never…Did:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_29Z3UllIM?rel=0]

Eric + Sookie – Love don’t die

This is one of the videos that helped with my first fic.  Alice and Hatter.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfEZwPnuI_k]

Yes I am addicted to this pairing to this day, and I look forward to finishing the fics up!

The next video is one of the biggest motivating videos, and the song is stuck in my head…

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkVMZtdL7Ik]

Alice/Hatter You Said You Would Die for Me.

That’s it for today.  Next week I will include more….

See you soon!