Im so lost.  Days are turning around on me as I work to get everything done.  hmm.. ::Cocks her head to the side as Meridian whispers in her ear:: “No, I don’t need another story.  I have one bugging me from a Gif I saw and no!”  Meridian laughs then whispers something else.  “Oh!!!

Chapter 7 of IND_edited-1

Umm.. It’s Update Wednesday!!! So yes.  The banner above tells you another chapter of I Never…Did is ready for you to read. This has some of the questions you are asking answered.  And the reason why they are answered.

I have also just finished the Mummy part one.  So I have the Harry Potter fic left.  I have been working on multiple things.  I am getting the database started with the recs and so forth so look for things to be changing there.  I also read All I want, and will start editing it. From there I will go and update all the stuff I can find.


This is a group that their sole purpose is to let the fans know their favorites are being updated in one place.  They come out nightly, and if you tell them of a author you like, or story, they will follow it and let you know when they update.  It is also a great way to find new stories. Go over and look at what they got!  They also have a Facebook page.

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Crossover Haven.  The site is out there, and we are not getting much on it.  Tell us why!  we can’t fix what we don’t know is issues.  Tell us what would make it better and we will try to get it working for you.

Same with the food blog.  I have stepped back, having way too much on my plate.  I am writing ALOT of stories, and you guys all want yours next.  27 stories is nothing to sneeze at, and I am actively trying to get them all updated.  I note what you guys want, and I shuffle in fan favorites as I can.   NOTHING is abandoned.  But I do need to get my Original Fiction out.

I helped start a lot of these, but the idea was that I would help start it, and hand it off to the ladies who make it all work.  I knew I could not do it all, and that time has come.  I’m human.

I also needed to take a step back since I am doing the interviews for the TB/SVM world.  It is not as easy as you think, and I will be working on the first review of a story tomorrow.  (Too much on my plate tonight!)

I write these the day before, needing them in place in case something happens.   There is a whole world working behind the scenes, and many people working together to make this site work.  Often these are written ahead of time, with editing as things change.

On that note, I will also be updating the Rec lists soon.  Give me some time, it will take awhile to get it all in a place that I can export and import from FF.  From there I will try to go to the Blogs I am interviewing and work from there.

My board is busy with my next steps, and even my betas are starting to look askance on me.  But I am working on them and will get things caught up soon.  I hope.

I Have updated the contest pages, and they will be live as soon as our awesome WordPress whisperer gets a chance.  I’m working her hard.  Sorry!  I do have the winner of last month’s, Bertie Bott, also in the there, so keep an eye out for the updates there.  Here is the Banner I made for her story:

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I am also going to be updating the banner page.  There is soo much going on, and you guys only see the tip of the iceberg.  If you want to keep up more with our happenings, please join the Facebook group.  They got the notice that I Never Did was up a couple of hours ago.  There is teasers happening with the new Harry Potter crossover I am doing, as well as a suitor thread for them to debate on.  It’s getting lively, and I am enjoying the discussions.  So join us.  The link is on the side, but I will add it here.

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Enjoy the chapter and I will see you Sunday, if not before!