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Yep!  And it is for I Never…Did.   Here is the deal, I wanted to do a chapter, that turned into 7.  The reviews on this one made me think.  And you got this for it.

See, I Never…Did is a truly awesome story, and has nothing to do with the other 20 stories in my head.  It is a clear what if situation.  And… it is what brought 4Padfoot to us.  Man… What an awesome trade off.  I would not be as able to get as far as I have gone without her on the site.  All for one story.

It was planned to be a stress outlet for me, to allow me to escape a story to write a few on it.  Then Meridian took it over since 4Padfoot had much more important things to do.  Like figure out my site.  I still am amazed at 4Padfoot‘s ingenuity.  And this story has been that, a stress outlet.

Until I got all these reviews asking about Bill’s reaction, and I started thinking, then dreaming and thinking more.  I decided that I would write a chapter maybe two to tide us all over until I am done with stories and sent them off to the Betas.  I can add more as time needs it.

Then… ideas flew through my brain so fast it wasn’t funny.  I impressed some new ladies to the beta group.  See, they are my first readers.  I save everything to WordPress to make sure it is always backed up, and to allow them the treat to read the stuff before I edit.  And they were shocked I wrote over 8k words in a weekend.  4 chapters.  Sometimes I can even do that in a day.  Depends on the music, the words and the movie and interruptions.  But when it is all flowing, well you can interrupt me all you like and it really does nothing to slow me down.  And remember these are all rough drafts.

And let me tell you, Meridian has EARNED that 2nd Place Eagle Eye Award as a beta for me, as well as her nickname of The Muse Whisperer.  To have all that AS WELL as being THE beta on the story.  Well.  It’s lethal.  And I reminded her why she loves the story.  So she is bouncing all over the place, thrilled about Character Banners, about Banners and the chapters.  It is awesome.  She reminds me why Betas are ducking awesome all around.  The enthusiasm and so on.  And the request of more please.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are lots of people on my beta team who love this story.  4Padfoot eagerly eats up the chapters, and missrissa81.  Well.  missrissa81 gets so happy you can’t help but grin.  missrissa81 is the type of person you want on your Beta team.  She will cheer you on.  Want to do a new crossover?  Hell yeah!! She is there reading it.  Thinking of a one off?  Can I have more instead?  And.. she is one of the few people who can keep up with ALL my stories and to work on making sure they are all being on track.  I will not be another CH.  Nope. Not with her.

So.. you guys are getting this chapter, with the hope I will be back in time to do the next one, but I have told Meridian to go ahead since I am not finding hardly anything to change.  A rarity with me I promise!

As you are reading this after Meridian posts it, I will be getting things packed and so on for the trip to Tucson.  We will be leaving Thursday around noon if everything works out right.  I will be leaving sometime Monday to come back.  We prefer to drive at night, it is easier than driving the desolate waste of space between San Antonio and Tucson.  Not a fun trip since most of the time will be spent driving, then with funerals.  Never fun.

I have the enjoyment of announcing two new Betas,  one is known, MistressJessica.  She has agreed to beta The Best is Yet to Come (yes, the chapter is out and being worked on by Kelpie and her side of things).  Its never a good idea to try to beta when you are writing the story.  And not when you have two writers who love the story, but one writes in present and one write in past tense.  This will make sure we stop worrying.  The second is kbhotz.  She is the beta for Tin Man.  I am looking forward to working with either of them.  We are always taking applications for betas.  We have a test, and you also get to work with a beta who has been with us for awhile.  And since I came up with 5 new ideas just this writing period, no one gets bored.  The benefits is having access to all my chapters, even those I wrote the rough draft for.

With the new additions, well I am also promoting someone too.  For so long, we have called Meridian the Queen of the Betas.  But there has been a third there at all times helping.  Bertie Botts.  She has been mentoring, helping out, listening to me rant, to brainstorm with (She really is very much like me!!) and so on.  She is the one that is I turn to If Meridian cannot help me at the time.  So we have elevated her to Crown Princess.  And then the rest of the ladies got named my princesses.  LOL.  Fun times, but they really are unselfish, awesome ladies who give of their time to help my stuff be readable.  They listen to all I say and we help each other out.   So they are to me, the royalty of betas.  And mine!   (For those that don’t know my place, well I am the Empress of My Universes.  Really.  It’s my job per Facebook!)

We held the Banner Contest for the Kittyinaz’s Group and for the Facebook Page.  Now remember, this is a group only contest, and its quite free to join the group. (Click on the note on the side menu over there~~>)  We have loads of fun.  This month, the banner page here got a lot of entries and examples of why the ladies got not only nominated, but won their Van Gogh’s!  I was shocked when one of my banners won, and the other, well I am not surprised about. I thought it would be a contest between 4padFoot and Gyllene.

2nd Entry for 0514_edited-1

1st place and the Banner for Kittyinaz’s Group in Facebook

Gyllene Banner 1

2nd place and the Banner for the Facebook Page for Kittyinaz, that is connected to this site.

Unfortunately the news of Marty’s uncle being so sick came when the awards were announced, and I couldn’t get anything in me to crow that I won first in the Crossovers in the You Want Blood.  It was the only one I crossed my fingers on that I would win on this one since I read Skin Deep, Ladies Night out, and I heard that the other one is awesome.  I was amazed when I got the results for the categories and that I placed high on them.  5th or 6th.  And when you are going against the writers I was, well.  Not to be dead last was a huge achievement for me.  Yes, I am Kittyinaz and I have low-self esteem.  Ask my betas.  I publish, cause I want to read them later.  But I am shocked when you guys like them.  And to nominate me?  Hell yeah!!!


So while I deal with the sad things, you guys will get I Never Did chapters.  And get ready for a ride.  I did a lot of research and did a lot of looking hard at some actors.  Such a hard job to look at guys to find my characters.  So hard…..

So enjoy!  And leave some reviews so I can have a smile as I hurdle towards Tucson at posted speed limits.  Yeah… Sure.  I have some ocean front property in Arizona if you believe that.


Addendum from Meridian:

First, I’m sorry that Wendy has suffered yet another loss in her family.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Third, while I totally understand the low self-esteem thing, I can see ABSOLUTELY no reason for Wendy to even know the word.  She’s first and foremost an awesome lady, who is an awesome writer, who is an awesome friend, who is an awesome inspiration, who is an awesome animal lover, who is an awesome daughter/wife/puppy- and kitty-mommy…  Really, she’s a joy to work with and I’m proud to call her a friend.

Fourth, I adore IND (*confession:  I’m the MISTRESS of the art of laziness and will absolutely abbreviate all story titles…IND = I Never…Did) and am loving the chance to beta it as well as all the others I was able to get my greedy little beta-paws on, too.

Fifth, Bertie Bott has been an awesome help – going way above and beyond – and truly does deserve recognition for being “third in charge”.   She is extremely intelligent, capable, patient, creative, and supportive, plus she’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever virtually meet.  She is a very talented writer in her own right, so check out her stories!

Sixth, go read this latest chapter of IND and enjoy!



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