Yep.  I know.  I am a bad person.  I have been falling behind on stuff.  Sorry, real life was getting to me and had me depressed.  But starting this week, I am dragging myself out of it.

The first step?  Was getting a lot of things done, and getting things ready for the next phase.  I had to make some decisions, and I did and moved things around.  I am now getting better, and I am also going to the gym.  Shocker!! I am determined to not be in this state anymore.  It isn’t easy, but nothing worth doing is. It is what it is.

I didn’t forget about April, but we had one entry.  I have it linked below in the banner.  The page was not ready yet, so now it is, and you can go read the winner of last month.  I honestly have to say it would have won either way.  It blew me away.

North Star_edited-1

The May one was a Kill Bill Contest.  Real Life seemed to come along and wreck many of the ladies plans to participate in it.  But I begged for at least two entries and got it.  Follow the participation banner below to the page.  I limited the voting to per one per person.  I know there are ways to get around it, but if you are willing to work that hard, have at it.

Participation Banner 0514_edited-3

This month is a plethora of prompts.  I threw all of them out there and told my group to pick one.  One of the pieces I gave them has inspired a new story for me, that I will do for you guys to read.   If you are interested, just come to our group and participate.  I already had an idea for the next one.  But determining on the amount of participation from this, and from the group themselves, determines how often this will be featured.  I know of a couple of writers telling me they started with a chapter here, and it helped them be confident enough to publish on their own.  That was the idea.

Read the stories, and please vote on the one you like.  I’m off to continue writing my chapter… That I will be teasing later tonight.