I left the following review on Amazon on the Thief known as Alexandra Anthony’s Fated.  I wonder how long until it is gone………..

Stealing another’s work is wrong.  There are even laws against it amazingly enough.  to be frank, how would you like to build a house from the ground up, spilling your blood into the dirt, your tears into the foundation and so forth.  Only when it is done, you are ready to move in and then someone pushes you out of the way saying it was sold to you by someone you didn’t even know?  Pissed wouldn’t you be?  Going to get your rights and showing you own something.  Wanting if nothing else the profit someone made on your stuff??

So how is someone’s time and sweat, sleepness nights and the burning of your eyes as you type your story up.  The time you poured into making a fic for others to read, then to find out that someone stole this work of yours, which is terrible I have been a victim myself of, and is making MONEY off it?  Before you say anything else, what if Ficlet was going to write it and publish it later? She has that right.  50 Shades of Grey anyone?  That started as fanfiction.  I know.  I read it.

If I was everyone who bought this piece of work from another, first I would be pissed.  I paid for someone else’s work that is currently free of charge for you to read, then the fact that you are paying for someone’s work that stole it from another.  Stealing is wrong.  We all know this.  Every religion tells you this, and even more, your own morals tell you this.

So do something right.  Demand your money back.  Then go read the original authors work and tell her how you enjoyed it.

I am Kittyinaz, and I wholeheartedly Give this 0 stars since it is NOT Alexandra Anthony’s work.  It is my friends ficlet78’s work.

Now to go publish on my OWN site this travesty, to forward the message on to all my followers, and to publish it on my facebook, as well as my post going out to the Twitter world, tumblr and so on.  No matter how many of these messages she deletes, the truth is out there.  And to throw one more cliché.. You can’t stop the signal.

Quotes are from X Files and Serenity.  See that?!?!?  I give credit.

I wholeheartedly support any actions to be taken to get this removed.  And I am going to put this everywhere I can.  Help support your fanfiction authors and a fellow human and share this.  don’t let it die down, until she removes the work, and is giving ficlet her due credit.

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