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Yes.. For me too for once.  I am back after vacation, and I will admit that I am not wanting to work.

It could have tons to do with the fact that All day Saturday, and then from the moment I got online, I was making banners for the contest.  Sundays are my day off as normal, and the betas were very forceful on me keeping to that.  Something about me going to bed at 4:34 from working on the banners… I have no idea what they are saying…

The Writing Contest.  Wow.  Record amount of entries!!! Many thanks to the two ladies below for their help.  They made a banner for me since I had so many to make.  I thank them so much for their help!!!!

All the entries are available for reading, BUT the poll is not ready, even though it is posted on the side.  We found out a couple entries that were sent much earlier in the month went missing, so we put out a call to let anyone know if we are missing the entries, to please forward them to us.  One was such a hard time to get through to any email, but we finally got it and it is bannered and up.  As soon as our WordPress Whisperer can get all the information linked and so forth, we will be posting a special post for it.  There are so many awesome entries I am thrilled for this one.  And thanks for all those that made me push beyond my normal skills for the banners.  I tried to make each one unique to the story.

So I bet you are wondering what I did on vacation?  I finished two additional chapters of HP, and did the next one of IND.  I also made all the banners as well as bio’s for the Set You Free Trilogy, all the ones for ED are in there.  Also I did the You’re trilogy as well.  I played with videos, and am in the process of making one since all the stories are jumbled up and none are speaking clearly for me to start working.  But this video is haunting me.

Yes, the normal posting is going on, and you have a new chapter of AIW ready.

Again, I have to thank all of you in the fandom for pulling together to help out ficlet.  I was seriously hurt when it happened to me, and the lady was nice about it.  but to have it happen like that.. there is no words.  If you haven’t read it, the post below this was the thank you from Heather herself.

So without much further ado, enjoy the chapter!

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