seriously-on-fire-wall-signPlease don’t.  I did the Sunday post!!! Yeah, I know missed the last couple of weeks, but life has been hectic here.

Mr. Kittyinaz didn’t get his visa in time for his trip yesterday so it has been pushed back until next Saturday.  And.. I will miss him.  Normally when we are separated, I am in Tucson, surrounded by his family, and often having a good time and have things to make me not worry.

But he is going off to China, and I worry.  I am going to be here, and I worry.  I admit it!  But other than that, I will be fine.  I just am spending all of the time we have together, together.  Just sitting in the room reading while he does whatever.  Though I hate Knight Rider, but I shouldn’t have complained cause now I get Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The old cartoon.  It’s annoying.  Just to let you know.

So I will only be online when he is gone or sleeping this coming week.  Sorry.  I just can’t concentrate long enough to edit anything.  But I will write as much of the Game of Life as I can.  And the Facebook Group is getting all sorts of teasers….

Ok.. I thought you guys might want to see the infamous board.  This is the board that I put what I am working on, and what I plan to work on, and so on.  Its messy.  I jot down names of stories as I work, so it doesn’t always look nice, and to tell you the truth, I have no motivation of cleaning it up, since all I want to do is erase names off it.  So here it is.  this may give you an idea of how hectic my life is in writing.


Other than that, I spent the vacation parsing Vampire Diaries seasons to have Damon footage, then I actually made an Alice one for myself.  Using the song from Chapter 1 of Alice and Hatter.  It was not easy, and now I wish I did the discs I did of Vampire diaries different.  Ah well.  Live and let learn.  (BTW as a side note of how bad I am, I had to go research that phase since it occurred to me how weird it looked…)

Ok.. For the fun stuff!

Person of the Week_edited-1 Sunday Posts

Yes. It is the person of the week!  This week I am honoring Falling Stars!!!

This woman is awesome.  I first new of her when she made me a Banner for Ellie Wolf.  I did a one shot called Points of Authority, and she made the banner for it.  It was awesome!  Then she became part of my group, then I didn’t hear much from her, until they came to ask me to do the interviews and reviews for the Non Canon Awards.

Kittyinaz Signature Non Canon Awards

I agreed, and she made me an awesome signature (see above). then I started to talk to her more and more.  Amazing lady!  She helped me when I was doing the banners for the Writing contest, and when she saw the Angels through the Fire series, she started to blow us away with adding wings that wrapped around people and other stuff on pics we KNEW didn’t have them to begin that way!  I asked for help on the Where The Heart is, since the writer gave such vivid scenes to see in the minds eyes.  She did it, and even replaced Anna with Ellie, my Sookie.

Where the heart is Falling Stars banner

She writes too.  I have showcased her talent in that area a couple times when she did a series of one shots given by a prompt.  She has a site on WordPress.

Then, just to blow me away, she was talking to me about her banners and mentioned Textures.  I had no idea what she meant, and she made me a tutorial.  that tutorial blew me away, and I showed it to the other betas, and they were stunned too.  It gave them all ideas, and it made me finally be able to do the Tea Shoppe Banner that has been driving me crazy.

Tea Shoppe_edited-5

So all in all, she has been more than helpful.  So has another lady, but I will honor her soon.   So very soon!!!

Thanks FallingStars!

Videos_edited-2 Sunday Posts

First one is going to be… Mine!  It is Alice and Hatter.  And yes.  I worked on the timing for the first transitions, and had it right on, and then it messed up when I sent it to You Tube…

What If | Alice & Hatter by Wendy Brandibur

The next one is different for me.  I am not a huge Hunger Games fan, but I loved Eyes Wide Open.  And I found this gem.

Eyes Open – Taylor Swift. by Isabella Cruz

And then I found this other one.  I liked it..

Katniss Everdeen – Collect Call by Sparralex

Yes I am trying to do some really odd ones that I normally don’t do..  The next was found totally by accident.  I think I was looking for something else, and found this instead.  I loved the flash of the old crew in it too.  Soo perfect.

Gotta Be Somebody [Kirk/Spock 2009]

The next one is a Primeval one.  It is a great one and has great timing!

Primeval – How Far We’ve Come by Limabeta’s Vids

This is one that someone made for the awesome Cuinawen’s story Step to the Edge.

Kol Mikaelson & Bella Swan | Step to the Edge | Twilight & Vampire Diaries Crossover Trailer

Here is another one off.  I have no idea how I found this, but I found it in my lists.

Tony and Ziva || Colorblind by bubblewrap1988

Last one is a Doctor Who.  I watched this and remembered why I loved the series soo much.

Yesterday I Died – Doctor/Rose

Ok I lied.  I had to leave you guys happier.  So here it is.  One of those odd videos that make me laugh.

Syfy Alice – Hatter & Charlie – You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Would you like a cup of tea?

See you next week.  There will be no chapters done unless they are Tea Shoppe or one like that.

cinematics signature

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