Warning signs 1

Yeah I suck.

Ok here is what is going on.  We are moving.  Due to some information found out, I rather not take a chance, and will be moving to a self hosting site that is STILL WordPress. Ms 4Padfoot has informed me that we can transfer my followers and so on over to my new site, so there will be that.

Because of this happening, this site will be temporarily unavailable.  Before we do the actual move, we will let you guys know.  It will still be Kittyinaz.(something), just will be a difference in the layout and so forth for you guys, for us, well it will highly different.

Another thing is we are moving the Anthem of the Angels to it’s own site.  Since it does not have anything to really do with the reason I may need to move, there is nothing wrong with it being on normal WordPress.  However, as we move the site around, we of course are going through issues.  We are working through them, and I do have the next chapter of Cross the Line ready to go.  It’s just missing some very important lines.  Once we get this fixed.. one way or the other, it will be posted.

Now some happy news:

  • IND – What I have written is all edited and sent off to the beta.  There is only three chapters, but I am hoping that I can finish up everything I have planned in the next three weeks to get the next chapters written for you guys.
  • AIW – I am in the middle of Chapter 23 of edits, and since this is a 25 chapter story, this should tell you how close I am in getting this done.  All chapters up to this have been sent to the Beta.  I also (before my Photoshop messed me up) managed to get the chapter banners for the chapters up to 11 done.  I also am asking some pretty big favors, but you will understand when you read the chapters.  It is awesome.
  • I have Wisdom, the prequel for Points of Authority next to do after this, and will continue the list as follows: Mummy, What if, A one shot I am calling Austin, then editing what I have of Clocks, Game of life and others the ladies in my group have asked for, as well as the first couple chapters of Heavenly.
  • When Done, I hope to churn out some IND, then move off to work on my original fiction.
  • I have changed how I am doing things.. again.  I edit, which is normally adding a couple thousand words, but this process is taking too long.  So I am pushing my envelope some more, and am only adding back the missing words, and any clarifying sentences needed.  What does this mean for you guys?  Chapters being written, looked over and then sent to the betas, AS I WRITE THEM.  This will change things, since I normally agonize over each and every word, before I send it over to the betas. However, I find myself reading my stories instead of editing, so I figure if they grab my attention that much, I am doing something right.

So you will be getting a slew of updates, one week apart as usual.  The way we set up the stories is that betas normally have a story or two that they are in charge of.  The difference will be my original stories since I am going to be having the betas all look over it before I send it out to try to get it published.  However, we have some crossovers happening.  I am venturing out further and further from the norms, and exploring new crossovers. Because of this, I am needing betas who know Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter world and so on.  Shoot I lucked out with Bertie Bott.  She does Supernatural and Harry Potter so she works for Cross The Line.  If you will like to become a beta, you need to join my group, and contact Meridian. I do all my conversations on Beta stuff online in Facebook.  So you need to be there for me to work with you.  There is a mentoring process and like I said, the way I do things is changing so my betas are about to be given a bunch of new work.  And as I move forward in finishing stories, I seem to add a couple new ones as I finish the favorites.  Typical of me.

Also, the Amazon link, will be very important since we are moving to a self hosted site.  I am going to be incurring a large price to myself to do this, and once again, my hubby is forking over the cash.  The money I get from Amazon is not a lot, 4-6% of the item you buy, but it adds up.  it costs nothing to you guys, and it can mean a lot to us.  So please.  While you shop on Amazon, please go to the site through the link that will give me credit.  Even you looking at stuff can help me out when someone else purchases it, since it registers all that.

So look forward to the changes, and once we get everything ready, we will let you guys know.  It will take a few days, so please be patient as we, on our end scream at the computers, and pull our hair out.  I personally threaten screwdrivers, but I am not sure what to threaten the internet with.