Chapter 13

Yes!! The next chapter of I Never…Did is up and ready.  We meet more family.  Many huge thanks to Meridian for her awesomesauce betaing skills.  She makes me look good!

Ok.. some information I am tossing your way.

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First, Anthem of the Angels.  Thanks for the interest, I am looking forward to you guys having fun in the universe.  I have a couple of chapters written, but I will be tearing into it when I get the chance.  Feel free to work in it.  I have done the Demons, Angels and I need to do the Witches in the Bestiary, and my characters so far are done.  My Profile is up, and you can get an idea of what we are planning to do with it.  Feel free to click the banner above for information.


Second, the domain for Kittyinaz has been paid for the next year.  Owning the domain means a lot of pluses for the site.  Not only is it easier to find, but we get more control over the page.  Huge thanks to everyone that uses the Link to my Amazon page.  For those that are new, If you want to help support this site, All you have to do is bookmark the following link:  .  The part at the end that has the Kittyinaz part is what gives me credit.  This costs you NOTHING.  In fact, according to the information they sent me, you may receive discounts.  So how does it help me?  Amazon treats this link as a referral.  I get a small percent of your order for referring you from my site.  I save the money through the year for any updates I need to do for the site.  Now, I do know Christmas is coming, and if anyone is like me, I am already buying.  So please use the link instead of just clicking into Amazon without it.  It costs you nothing, (My hubby checked this part out for the past year) and it helps support me.  It makes this site what it is.  The banner above has the link if you want to visit it now.  As long as you open the page with the link, I get all credit for the purchase.


Third, as many of you may remember, last year this started my bad luck time.  My mother found out she had breast cancer.  Her cancer is not one you can find by self checking.  Luckily, we have a great doctor in our local Breast Cancer screening area (Victory Lakes for anyone in Houston area) and she caught it early.  This type is very dangerous since most people don’t get it caught early have to go through chemo and all that jazz.  My mom had to have a mastectomy.  So please remember to get checked.  And if you want, please donate.  This is not just affecting woman, it affects men also.

Fourth, I am trying to get back into editing!! I have so many awesome stories, but as many knows, this had been the worst part of the year for me lately.  I am actually dreading the end of the year when I used to look forward to it.  Last year I dealt with the breast cancer for my mom, and the day she had her surgery, my bio dad died.  The year before my Bio dad’s brother died, my maternal grandfather died and my first dog that I owned and raised from a pup died.  All within a week.  My grandfather had Alzheimer’s and I had taken him out for a ride and had a last memory of him that way.  The end of that trip, I got hit with how much he had declined.  After that he had to be put into a home, and he died after that.  His Alzheimer’s was very advanced we had found out.

The reason I am telling you this?  Because as I try to clear my slate, I often have issues with depression.  I will get you the chapters as I can, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up.  Also, when I am done with the Editing, before I get on those favorites, I am going to push to finish my book.  I want to start the new year by sending it out.

I am working on getting everything on my to do list done.  I finished the Las Vegas trip last Monday, and will be working on other things also.  I am also working on Banners that my friends have asked for.  Since they are the ones who give up their time to Beta my stories, making a banner is the least I can do!  And it relaxes me when I have those days.

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Also!!! My mom, MamaKitty, is doing the Essential Oils.  For those that do not know what this is, it is pure oil’s extracted from the plants.  Now she swears up and down that this stuff works.  She bought me the spearmint since I love that stuff, and I will admit it makes tea tasting so much better, and it seems to be helping my tummy.  Last night I had a migraine and it sucked.  Nothing was working.  I got up since the meds were making me loopy and helping Harleen figure out her WordPress.  I figured what the hell, and put a bit of oil on my temples.  Lo and Behold, it freaking worked!  Peppermint is the ideal one for it, but spearmint is another one for headaches.  So, I am letting those of you with issues, please visit the site.  I will ask MamaKitty to have something so that any who would like to order can contact her.  If you have any issues, my mom ordered the book to figure what can help solve stuff.  She uses it to help sleep, and for the headaches and any other things (Since Peppermint seems to clear up a lot of maladies) as well as the other scents.  Its all natural, and my family has all started to use it.  For me?  I will just steal her stuff.  And drink my spearmint tea.  We are getting the Basil and Oregano oils for cooking.  Let me tell you, one drop of this stuff goes a very long way!  Click on the flower above to go to their site.

Don’t forget there are still banners to be adopted, and that the Banner contest is going on for the Facebook group today!!  There are some awesome banners for this month’s banners for the group and page.  The Facebook Page gets all the notifications, (I share from that page to the groups) and the group is where I hang out.  There are teaser threads and they even talked me into posting a story earlier than I thought I would.  I also have an interview with Carter to do this month!!!

SO I am off to deal with stuff today, but I will be back later.  I hope you guys enjoy the chapter.  I know the Kill Bill is on everyone’s mind, and I will be working on that as my next webpage thing.  I will get that out there!!!  So much to do, so little time…


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