What?!?!?!  I updated on time?!?!?!?!?!  HOLY SHIT!   This update is brought to you by Meridian.  Who worked her ass off to get this ready for you guys when I gave it to her late, after my jam packed weekend!

And.. This is an update on sooo many things!!!  So we will get to the actual update you are waiting for:

Chapter 14

Yes!  And this is a fully M rated chapter!!!  Hold on.. Warning signs needed:


Lemon Warning

Lemon Warning

And for those that know me: Alexander Skarsgard showering

There should be plenty of signs what this chapter is all about right?!?!?!  I spelled it out and demonstrated with a picture for the old school ladies on my site.  Once of these days I will do the infamous him getting out of the shower gif in a story.

Ok. Fun part is done.  (Not really but I wonder how many people will read the rest of this?!?!?)  We have a lot to discuss.

I will be going back to the Sunday posts since these take soo long otherwise!  I even wrote a list for me to type up all the things! (And yes the pictures are the discussion topics)

Angel universe Banner 3

In the Facebook group, I asked a question, and the ladies agreed to it.  So Cross the Line is being beta’d and then will be published, without an edit!  These will come faster to you, because of this.  I have a couple of ladies getting geared up for writing in the Universe, so I am getting excited.  I can’t wait to see what happens, and one of the ways to keep it up for you guys to remember, is for me to post in it.  When the other ladies are ready for their stories, well if they are a beta on this site, they can post the updates themselves, or I will be posting for the other ladies if they tell me about it.  If no one tells, then I have no idea.  It’s how the cookie crumbles.  But I am looking forward to some of the ideas that are being tossed about!

bertiebotts3 copy

I am thrilled about this one!! Bertie got the idea after Cuinawen posted in the group a bunch of two sentence horror stories.  I love when my group comes up with these things!! And from there, they find inspiration to do contests, or to even write stories!

Since this is going to be Bertie’s contest, I delayed my writing challenge.  So have fun, and enjoy the contest!!!!

Kill Bill contest!

Since I haven’t built a banner for this one yet, I wanted to let you guys know, that the Kill Bill contest has been extended until November 30.  The page is up and if you click on the Kill Bill announcement up above, the link will take you there.  Why am I delaying it?  Bertie is doing a great Halloween contest as I mentioned up above.  Plus SOOO many of the ladies do the Novel in November.  I wanted to let you guys know ahead of time.  You can click on the link, and it will give you the rules, and the email to send it there.  The rules are VERY lax this time.  And if you don’t read True Blood or SVM, NO WORRIES!! there is a way for you guys to be able to play in the contest this time!!!!


Yep, I am going to remind you guys until the holidays are done.  It costs you nothing, but to click and save the link!  Nothing.  And deals can be found by using it!  What is there to lose?  I am also making it easier since my hubs said that to be on the main page of my site and being able to click on a banner to get there is easier, so I will be making sure it is easy to get there.  Just remember, there is a page that 4padfoot keeps updated with specials.  the link is on the page also.  If you need help with knowing how to set the bookmark, leave a comment, and one of us will get back to you on it.  It helps offset costs for me writing.

Last but far from least!


Our very own Bertie Bott is being crafty in every way!! She is making these purses!  Right now, she is working on some new ones, and there is rumors of more coming.  They are freaking awesome!  Click to find out more, and favorite it for when you are thinking of Christmas presents!!! Let her know you came from here!

 ::Takes a deep breathe:: ok I am off to spend some time with Connor and Marty (since Connor is literally trying to push me into the room with them…dang schedule puppy!).  I hope you enjoy the chapter!


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