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A new chapter of AIW is ready and waiting for you courtesy of Mknue!!!  She got this ready for you guys.  Click on the banner below, and please not the warning on the Banner.

Chapter 10 AIW

Ok, I need some feedback.  I am posting more (since I am working to rid of all those pesky chapters that are already written) and to be frank, on Sundays, I spend the time with my hubby.  Often I am working so late on AotA and other thigs on Saturday I go to bed and go.. Damn the Sunday post.

I am thinking of eliminating it completely.  But I want to know if you guys enjoy the videos.  If you do, I can sneak a couple in sometime during the week.  Maybe Tuesdays?  You tell me what you like.  Feed back is ALWAYS appreciated.

Mondays will be the new home of the Person of the Week for sure.  Since I have so many people to thank for all their hard work!

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This week is 4Padfoot and Gyllene.  Why two?  and haven’t you done them before?

Why yes I have.  But between those two wonderful ladies they keep this site running smoothly.  I had a reminder this past week of what all they do, as I did some of my own links and so forth since there are such days unfortunately as sick and vacation (well not that one is unfortunately!).

To keep up the links on this site is not easy.  Not difficult no, but very time consuming, especially when we have new stories that came up to start.

Both ladies also help me out when I ask questions, and they rock my socks right off.  I would say soo much more, but I have limited time before I am gone.  Click on the icons below to be taken to their sites!


Which brings me to, I won’t be on today.  I have dentist working on the other side of my jaw, and it aint going to be fun.  Poor Murphy is going to be in a crate most of the day since I will come home, take some Aleve, and go to sleep.  Hoping that I don’t bite anything important.

Update on Murphy, he has now started his medicine on his skin, Allergy and the mange one.  He has gained weight, and my mom found out how exhausting puppy training is.  She doesn’t have the help of Connor like I do, even then, it is just mostly Connor keeping him company.  But she managed a day without accidents.  Yeah!

He is looking better, and all of us can’t wait until his skin is all healed.  Mange and Allergic reaction to flea is not a pretty smell let me tell you.  WE have wipes that we use each day, but can’t bath him too much.

But… He hops.  Yes.  Hops.  And he is running through the house with Connor. Playing, being so active and loving it aint funny. He licked my mom’s cat yesterday, not once, but five or so many times, and Tucker had this irritated look on his face.  they play so much and love to play around my desk.  So I can be working, and have my desk suddenly rocking from the two of them.  Right now as I type this, they are running through the house back into here.  they race around the island in the kitchen, and Connor outsmarts the puppy each time.  Fun Times!

I am going to end this so you guys can read, and I can share this everywhere it needs to be.  Enjoy the chapter!

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