Her stories are down.  All of them.  Harley, who was the secret ok’r for me to start publishing, is thrilled.  So am I!!!

First all, I am so really thankful to all of you for what you did.  You stood alongside me, and I heard so few (Like under 5) naysayers but had hundreds of people pour in their support.  This is amazing.  I really hate to go through and post another post today on all my FanFiction, but I am unsure what to do.  I have so many people who follow me!!!  I think I will reload the page for my readers to know it was resolved…

Harley’s thank you can be found here:

Dr Harleen

Now for the bad news.

I will be moving myself off of FanFiction.  It should have never come down to this.  This should have been solved the first time we brought it up months ago, and we move on with our lives.  Instead, Harley lost all those reviews, and for what?  A petty disagreement on the behalf of the Plagiarist?  A cheap shot?

This worries me.  Seriously.  Think of what this can mean.  IF someone doesn’t like you, they can report you and get everything deleted.

I have my stories elsewhere, and I will admit, I am a packrat and keep every single review in my inbox on my email.   All sorted into folders for each story split into their bigger parts.  C’mon.  This is me!!!!  Not organize it?!!?!?  Yeah right!

But for others… this is not an option.  I did it because I had a wise mentor who told me to do it, to be able to just open a folder and see all the people who have reviewed.  My first story? 259.  184 of those come from FanFiction.  821 is the highest reviews from FanFiction.. but per my count, 1,320.  Wow.. There is a reason I am going to do Edge first.  Dang do you guys rock!!!  You’re will be next since it is 42 off from a thousand.

But still.  This is not an option for many.  So FanFiction rips that little thrill from Harley and others it has deleted.  And it leaves many of her readers confused for awhile on if she is posting or stopped.  Not right.

So… I will be moving to posting only on sites that don’t require my beta Meridian to spend extra time to rip out the items that would violate TOS.  It is hard enough to post on other sites.  I will miss the traffic I get from FanFiction, but can you guys really blame me?  No matter how careful I am, all it will take is someone being petty to have it all ripped away anyways.

I do post on TWCS (Thanks! You know who!!!) A03, and here.  FictionPad is another place I am posting.  I am looking into BetterinTexas, but since I got this site, I am not seeing me moving over there also.

We will do this in a way that there is no doubt to the readers of the stories that they are moved.  Everything will be finished.  For the lady who asked about Tea Shoppe, it is being reworked since when I went back to it, I can’t write in past tense anymore.  It messed it all up and I spent more time trying to figure out the right word than paying attention to the story.   It is still a favorite.  I am clearing the slate of the smaller stories so I can concentrate on the epic ones better.

For now, celebrate the win as we all are.  (I’m opening up my Appletini!)  Read the new Mummy Chapter.  I am making the banner for Cross the line, but the chapter is ready to go.  Give me some time before you click the Cross the Line banner below.


Chapter 3 Light2

Cross The Line:

Cross The Line 3

Remember, this is the last story post until Monday, December 1st for stories. My ladies are taking a time out for their families.

Also, I had one lady kindly ask me for an update on Murphy. So here it is:


He is off the Allergy pills as of today.  He an Connor played all day, woke me up as they ran masquerading as a herd of elephants up and down my hallway.  He is starting to grow his hair, and his head is no longer stiff and coarse.  There is no bones showing on him now, beyond healthy.  This little dog is a fighter, a survivor.  He is adorable.  Now if he will only learn to be potty trained….

See you guys later (Since you know I will wish you Happy Thanksgiving!!!)

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