Xmas 2I just got done with the banners for the contest, and I am going back to bed.  The poll will close on midnight December 31st, 2014, CST.

Please read these awesome entries, and leave notes for the authors.  They won’t be able to reply until after the contest, but they will be reading them!!!

Also, the only person who knows who wrote what, besides the authors of course, is Rissa.  She strips the stories of anything that tells me who they are, so I am completely unbiased, nor do I have any ideas of who is winning. This is cause if need to be, I will vote for the stories to break any ties. It’s early, and you guys can vote more than once, if you figure out the trick.  So far we have had 94 votes per Poll Daddy when I just checked it.

The poll is on the side, well it is supposed to be there, if not, blame me.  To make this easier, I have included the banners with links to their stories on the post.

Click on the banners for the stories:

All I Want For Christmas

Little Doll 2

The Bill Who Stole Christmas

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas 2

Thanks for everything, I will be off to get better.  I am feeling better, but this was bothering me, so now I will be off to get better not worrying.  And waiting semi-patiently for next Friday.  Seems I am getting my tea maker for Christmas.  This thing is awesome, and I am sooo excited!

Enjoy, and have a Happy New Year if I don’t get to you before then!

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