Ok.. Maybe not that type of cow.  But still!!!

First off, here is the chapter for tonight.  And it is still Saturday by my time!!!


After many incarnations and a call to Google, you have a chapter.

And I am working on Clocks, we just will be rearranging some chapters around for it to make more sense.  One good thing that comes from working ahead.  We have a chance to look at it and while scratching our heads, we try to figure out what the heck were we thinking.

So… the bad news.  I am having a hard time finding time myself to work on stuff, and my time will be growing shorter here soon.  I need to start baking.  And when I say start, I mean exactly that.  So far I am making pumpkin rolls, banana bread, snickerdoodles, capt’n Crunch Berries bars, Peanut butter covered pretzels, Butter Cookies, (Which are not what you think, they have coconut and oatmeal in them!), Gingersnaps, Smore’s Candy (Cookies, but they call I candy).  And that is just the start of it.  I look around and see if there is anything else I want to try, because when I am done, that is it.  No more for a couple of months.

I am making it for Marty’s ladies at work, for my family, for my mom’s work and so forth.  I will probably hear from my Kitchen Aid mixer that it quits for good, but hey.  It’s so handy to use!!!

The short of this is that, if I hardly have time, how can I expect my betas to have it?  I don’t.  So here is the deal. If they want to get a chapter done, and build up, they can.  If they want to have it published, I will do that too.  It’s up to them.  If they want to run away and not look back until after the new year, they are welcome to that.

I just cannot ask more from these awesome ladies than I can from myself.  And I refuse to stress out this year.  And knowing me as I do, I will.   I have already started and calmed down when I pointed out to myself it was the 6th of December and I am ahead of the shopping and so on.  It just doesn’t feel like it!

The Good news?  I will be still working on things, so it will build up on the betas, and give more for updates.  Just I won’t be pushing myself so hard, and spending the time with my hubs, who is working stupid insane shifts.  Someone at his work just realized it was the end of the year, and they need more engines out.  Duh!!!

Here are the reminders!


Amazon.  I am using my mom’s sign on, while I shop so I can give myself the credit also.  I also made the link my default one.  I have a favorites bar at the top.  You just have to use the link, then click on the button below to add it to the quick favorite bar. Easy!


Xmas 2

The Kittyinaz Writing Challenge for this month is Christmas Carols.  I am going to be writing one here to show what we mean.  I was listening to Christmas Nights in Blue by Transiberian Orchestra on the way home tonight and got the idea for the song.  Any Christmas song will do folks!  though I think somehow I promised to do another one…. Rissa……  As always, click the banner to go to the page for more details.

Also my ladies wanted me to remind you guys that if you would like to join the ranks of my betas, we are looking for some people who are willing.  You will be working with another beta that is used to working with me, and they are the ones that will give you the ok to be allowed into the ranks.  Once you are one of us, there are benefits galore!  At least that is what they tell me.  Please contact Meridian on Facebook if you are interested.  Yes, you need to be on Facebook, and it would be highly suggested to be part of the group.  We use it to talk to each other since it is often an easy way to see each other.

I think that is it… I hope you enjoy the chapter.  Hubs is home, so I need to make nice with him!  I have a one shot that I need to look over the notes from the beta, then make the banner for it… So you will see me shortly.

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