The day you wanted to get home to watch the newest episode of Friends?


Or Supernatural?


Knowing you only had one more day until the weekend?

Wisdom Justice and Love_edited-1

You get an update to Wisdom?



You are!!!

Chapter 5 Wisdom 4

This chapter of Wisdom is brought to you by the letter B.  For Bertie Bott, the most bodacious Beta!!!!  LOL…

The bad news?  There is only one more chapter to go for Wisdom.  Then Justice will come, and then Love….

I am working to keep my spirits up, since it is cold.. and since I live on a pier beam house, the floors get cold.. and so do my feet.  Stinking blah!!  I love the cold, but not evidently when my feet are cold…  During the day, I am fine, so I am going to try to wake up earlier to be able to work.. At night, my preferred time to work, it’s just too cold even with my carpet and so forth.. Maybe I need to look into a heated foot thing.  Nope.. the dogs would hog it…

So… I am done with my part of putting away Christmas.  Now it is my hubby’s turn to somehow take all the stuff, and arrange it into three tubs.. that once upon a time took 9 boxes.  He did it 2 years ago.. Let’s see if he can do it again!

I also got a flame today that I promptly deleted.  My first guess that it wasn’t going to be bad?  The name was The Slayer… not producing warm fuzzy feeling at all.   And they proceeded to rip apart Carolized.  Seems my Eric and Damon were nothing like the shows or books.  I should really watch and/or read them!!!  And I evidently emasculate my male characters.  These are the high points to a rambling review.  Evidently the person never read EricIzMine’s multiverse.  Nor did they read MistressJessica’s story.  These are indicated at the end as stories who had influenced this work.

Ah well.  It cause me a laugh, and a bitch session with the friends and betas.   Which are one and the same, but the friends are not all Betas, but the betas are all friends.   LOL

Ok reminders!

Writing Chlannge 2015

Writing contest!!!!  These need to be turned in by the end of the month.   I know it is the 15th, but half the month is almost gone.  And it feels like so much later!

Reblog winter 3

Reblog!   Just a reminder, there is a feature that you can turn on in your reader, that sends them all at once.   All this blog is to do, is to reblog anything I am subscribed to.  If you want me to subscribe, leave me a note.


Amazon.  Yep, we haven’t had time yet to do the ad’s.  But don’t forget!!!!

Other than that, there is not really anything going on.  I am buckling down to work, I got the prologue back from MJ on Clocks and told her Chapter 1 was ready. Until I get through the chapters I redid, I am not going to publish, since the second chapter needs a lot of work.

Once I am done, I will at least get some chapters for Cross the Line ready.  Then I will be finishing the rest of the stories.  Then I will be working on the novel.  Which you will get notices about as I write, since the prereaders need to know when chapters are done…  Once I am done with that, I will work on ITE and the rest.

Things are equaling out, but I plan to start the gym here next week, now that I don’t have any excuses.  This will need me to wake earlier and so forth.  So we will see what happens.  I am already cooking healthier, by actually cooking.  lol.

That should be everything.  No chapter for tomorrow, but Saturday will have one.  No idea when, since my nephew’s b-day party is that day.  They don’t last long, but still, I will try to schedule the post!

Enjoy the chapter!

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