Yes.  It is always sad when a story is kinda done.  I say kinda… cause this is just the first of three parts.

Justice will be next… Which will take place around the events of POA.  It will lead up to it and you will get to hear the result of Victoria’s punishment.

Last will be Love.   I had originally planned for this to be 5 chapters each, but I hated the way I left the end of Chapter 5, so I went and wrote this one to add to it.

Justice has not even been started.  I will put that right out there for you guys to realize.  I had planned to have all the editing done by this time, but the holidays and then my struggles with Clocks put me WAY behind.

I am putting aside Clocks to work on the rest of the stories that are ready to be done.  Hopefully when I get back I am not so frustrated by having to change each and every chapter to deal with tenses and to make it all work since I chopped up the original 7 chapters so badly.  Timewise, this makes much better sense.  But to my mind, the muse is screaming at me for messing up what she wanted to do.

She and I need to have a ho down here shortly.

So instead yesterday I started to work on Heavenly.  I did character banners as I went through chapter 1 & 2.  I did the banner for Chapter 1, and when I am done with this, I need to do the chapter banner for the second one.  Yes, I finished 2 chapters last night.  That was what I was expecting to be taking place..

I have Revelations all ready for me to look over and then start posting that, as well as What If, Sun, and Game of Life.  I forgot about Revelations until the other night… I was starting to want to get back to it.

My muse is also fighting with me on a Sookie and Eric fic about Dallas.   I also have IND to work on as well as writing the sequel to this and the Mummy.  I have so much to do, but I first need to work on getting this stuff out so I can work on the novel..,  MY husband is really pushing me on it.  I can’t blame him.  He so wants to say his wife writes and makes money at it.   I think he will be more proud of me than I will be at that point.  He has stood behind me supporting me through all the critique he gets from everyone.  It will happen.  And no complaining from you guys…

I have one shots that need to be finished and so on.  So you guys are getting a lot coming.  Just need to be patient with the muse, me and the betas.

Also, I have said this a couple of times, but if you would like to be part of my team, well we are looking for experienced betas.  As you can see there is a lot going on, and my brain is constantly busy making up new stuff.  Also, all my betas are able to read all my fics as I work on them.  Including the original fiction.  So if you are interested, contact me on Facebook, and once you are done, you will be a part of the team.  We will partner you up with someone who knows how I am.  There is something called how weird I am as a writer… lol.

So reminders!

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I am off to try to stay dry.  It is a drowning day outside.  Seriously.  I am glad for once we are a raised beam home, since there is no way out of my house without lakes in front of it.  Like I haven’t seen it this bad since Hurricane Ike!  my ditch that is 4-5 feet deep is full, and so are all the neighbors, and as far as you can see is water.  Solid ground is becoming had to find.   And Connor?  He thinks it is the grandest time to have.  (snorts).  And he is MORE than willing to rub against mommy, wanting to go back outside.  Murphy thinks he is absolutely crazy!

Chapter 6 Wisdom 2

Enjoy the chapter. (Yes, I was mean and made you go through it all.   It is what a good blogger supposed to do supposedly.)

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