Xmas 2

Thanks for the wonderful ladies who participated.  See below for the Banners and who won what.





While ALL the banners were a thrill to make. (I got to play!!!) I will say the doll on Little Doll was my favorite.  I went looking for hours and getting lost in Porcelain Doll Faces to find the one above.  The Grinch was fun, but the first three tries to do a Grinch type background worthy, was a complete fail.  Twelve Days of Christmas was a trial until I hit upon on the idea of fading the Swan Lake into the parchment.  All I Want for Christmas was just pure fun!!! Thanks ladies for your awesome stories, and thanks American Android for the manips, they truly inspired me!

And with that done, I had a dilemma.  I needed this months idea.  So while I found a quote that appealed to me, I did this one instead.  Actually I had three quotes, but they were all too soon from the last ones that are mentioned.  So you get this pic that captured my interest.  I have a lot of these I put in a folder to have me look at later.

The banner was hard, since I didn’t really want to take away from the picture.  But the Picture for the Writing Contest is:


And the banner is:

Writing Chlannge 2015

The rules have slightly changed to reflect the change I did last time when the confusion was told to me with the past rules:

Must use prompt(s). You need to have been inspired by the picture above..

Use fandoms I write in.  (It can be one from a story upcoming also.  Just ask if you don’t know, you can ask Rissa if you don’t want me to know!)

No letting anyone knowing which story is yours.

If you submit, you can grab the Banner for Participating for the month.  You will also receive a banner for the story you submit.

If explicit, you need to warn people in the title.

All entries must be received by kittyinazwritingchallenges@gmail.com by Midnight CST at the end of the last day of the month.

Hopefully that will prevent any confusion for the future.  As always, click on the Banners above to go to the pages.

Again, Thank you to ALL the ladies for your participation!!!  I only do first and second when there are less than five entries.  Above five will be a third and above 7 (Or a particularly close race) I do a fourth.  In my book you guys are all winners.  And feel free to reply to the comments on your story.

I look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for us this year!!!

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