Yes!  This chapter was brought to you by the amazing beta Mknue!  She gave it to me early, so I got to schedule this.  And you know what that means right?  Yep.  The chapter posted early.  This time 2 hours earlier than the post.

If you were in the Kittyinaz Group, you would know this.  I posted the notice at 1:27am Sunday.  Just saying!

Ok,, what else is going on?  Oh yeah!! The banners were updated on this site with the chapters of stories that are or should be updating. (By the way did you know you can click on the banner and be taken to the cover page for the story?  4Padfoot is just that awesome!!!) I will be also changing the song (Since I am writing this on Sunday at about 1:30 am.. well you can see the mix up of tenses!) on the side to reflect the song on this chapter.

I did nothing as far as I know on Sunday for editing, I will probably still be reading the chapters and spending the time with family.  There is talk of pedicures and so on.

I hate making this so short, but it is hard writing for the future.   I wish I could write from the future to the past, I would give everyone the lottery numbers.  After I got it and shared with my betas.  Hey!  They deserve it!!!

This chapter is moving forward with the hits.  I chuckled all the way through reading it.  And there is character advancement.  And if no one has noticed, I have changed the Sookie.  She is changing, it is mentioned a couple of times.  But there is old Sookie (Anna Paquin) still there.  It’s not easy to do this, I am NOT good at this stuff.


Enjoy the chapter and I will see the lovely reviews you leave on Monday, and it will hopefully motivate me to get up.  And work on Stories to see if I can get those chapters all done.

Chapter brought by:

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