February 2015

For those that are not aware of how these started, I was asked in the Kittyinaz Facebook Group a lot of what I use for inspiration.  I use four things.  Listening to songs, Watching a YouTube Video (Which is basically the same thing but specific to fandoms), a picture, or a quote.

That is why I started this contest, to give the inspirations that I use to others, and give them a completely anonymous chance to see how their writing would be received.  I seriously wish I had this type of opportunity.  It is also great for the established writers, since we often run into writers block, and sometimes this can help jar us out of our rut.  The fact that everyone is mixed together and presented with no idea of who wrote what, is a great equalizer.  I have participated in contests for others, in fact, I make a point of trying for any of my betas who have contest.  Unless I have nada.  It happens.  I will admit, I had NOTHING for Kelpie’s contest.  I tried soo hard.

I try to rotate through the mediums that help me, and since December was Christmas carols, then, songs were used.  Then last month, we had the picture you are voting on right now.  This month.  A Quote.  I had two that I liked, and gave my betas the choice.  Then I debated on two banners. So they decided on that too.  So this was a group effort.


I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to host these!  Knowing a lot of writers have told me they started here, and some newcomers beating some writers that you would be shocked on.  These are open to all the fandoms I write in.  Why only those?  Because those are the fandoms that have brought so many readers to the site.  I want to make sure you all get a chance.  I will say I was thrilled to have a Alice 2009 entry for this month!!! I think I danced in my chair.  I don’t often get to make banners with those people!

So please share this out in the void called Internet.  This is open to all, the rules are on the page which you only have to click the banner to be taken to.  Any questions can be sent to the emails or asked online.  Someone is always checking those addresses and the betas and I are online.

Have fun!  And don’t forget to vote on this month’s contest.  Any reviews will be answered after the contest ends by the authors.  They are not allowed to answer until then.  Thanks for your understanding!

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