The results are in for the January 2015 Writing Challenge.  And I will admit, I was so shocked on who wrote what!!!

It is my honor to host these contest and read these amazing stories.  I love that not even I can tell who writes what, and some are often my betas!  This time, without knowing who won what, I read the results from the golden envelope 4Padfoot gave me, and asked the betas, if we can do 4 places.  You made your opinion clear, and we acted on it!!  Yes.. There are 4 places… And there were over 200 votes!

Just so you know, Charissa is the one in charge of the entries, and giving me the stories, and then when I am ready for the names, gives me them for the banners.  She gives them to me after 4Padfoot sends me the results.  And they send them in separate Messages, so no one but I am the one to know everything at the end.  Yeah complicated, but it works for it!

Without much ado, here are the winners:

Writers, feel free to respond to your reviews, and to grab the banners with your name on them.  They are now yours, and I very gratefully thank you all for participating in the contest.  I hope you are inspired in the future by a contest.

Writing Chlannge 2015

To read the entries again, please click on the above banner to be taken to the contest page.  I updated everything, and many thanks to 4Padfoot for all her hardwork to make the site look awesome.  She made it a breeze to get through the updating.

For those that were wondering where the chapters went, well HP is delayed until this week’s posting. When I tell you RL takes precedence, I am not kidding.  The chapter is ready, but I will publish it Friday, and hope the beta in charge of the story has a chance to get better.  My betas health is more important than getting chapters out.

Today’s was another instance.  But the beta had it ready for me late yesterday, but I am not on the computer on Sundays.  I will say that I cheered this chapter.  Eric gets a haircut!!  I have tons of pictures of him with short hair, but hardly any of him with the long hair as you guys could probably be able to tell.  So from now on, I will be able to dip into my artsy side for the chapter banners.

As for where I am, I am working on Tin Man, which will probably go pretty quickly.  Then I will be getting the rest of the stories out.  It may a couple of weeks, but we will see the rest of the chapters come out from the betas.  Hopefully, I will be working on the original story at that time.

Once I am done with the rough draft, I will be starting on the other stories, but there will be a short time until I undertake editing, my old way adding lots of stuff to it, and then I will have to figure out what to do with the finished thing.  Well after the betas all get their hands on it.  Yes, I am not taking a chance, and with all the wonderful betas I have, I am hoping that it will be pretty good.

As for personally, all I can say is that the weather.  WE will be going from 76 yesterday to 30’s today.  And for the next few days we will be cold, then warm up then repeat.  Mamakitty has already gotten bronchitis from the wonderful weather and DadKitty is getting sick.  ::knocking on wood:: that my hubby and I don’t catch it.  Flu season has hit Houston badly, and it doesn’t look like the weather will be helping!

But I have a warm Connor on my feet, my fingerless gloves on, and I am working on staying healthy.  I need to get to writing the new stuff for all our sakes!


Click on any of the Amazon ad’s around, to be taken to the site with my tag and I will get credit.  Also, Don’t forget, I add the newest songs for the chapters I update on the mp3.  4Padfoot and I were talking about trying to add the music to the chapters also.  Unfortunately, due to the weather on her end, we had to sideline that right now.  Stinkin’ weather!


There is a contest over at the Non-Canon Awards going on for crossovers.  As a judge, I cannot enter, but I encourage you all to enter!  It has been extended…

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The February Writing Contest is up and waiting on entries.


I think that is everything.  Enjoy the chapters!

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