Yes, it really took me about 4 hours to make this banner.  Four hours.  Part of it was searching for a pic of Alex that I could use, then looking for a equally matching Allan.  Then I spent the rest of the time searching for what turned out to be a lion and wolf for the sides.  Sookie was finished in like 15 minutes.  (I did some weird stuff)  And I lost the file once.  yeah.  Not happy about that one.

I am finally introducing Elisha Cuthbert as my Sookie.  It has taken until this very M rated chapter for her transformation to be complete.  Yes, the bonds are done, and after this chapter, they are fully mated.  There are mentions of her changing, and I tried to show this as I turned Anna Paquin to Elisha.  It is her Angel form, and there is plenty going to happen after this,

And there is the bad news.  There is one more chapter of this story.  And I should warn you guys, I haven’t started the sequel in any form.  Blame Rissa!!! She is the one who makes the demands for sequels, and she didn’t push for this one! *snickers*  Though, she does have inside information.

I have some banners to make for the site itself, then I will be gone.  For as far as you guys are concerned.  I am going to get that damned story (the Mummy) gone before the muse visits me again.  I need to start researching.  I will tell you, it won’t be for awhile that you guys get it.  I have chapters to get through, and if wasn’t for the Muse being pushy, along with a Pushy Mr. Kittyinaz, there wouldn’t be a sequel.  Not yet.  I really wanted to finish some other stories before I wrote the sequels.  But yeah, the muse won’t shut up.


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But I am going to try to take a vacation for the rest of the week at least.  I was much more relaxed working today, and that was after GRandma Kitty had me fix her iPad and her iPod.  We had a few laughs on it, and had me shaking my head while doing it.


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Chapter 24 AIW1

So, enjoy the chapter, this is NSFW, but not explicit.  I will be back later, and hopefully be in a much better mood.  lol…  And Bad Things just came on my iTunes… *snickers*

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