WE don’t have many more to go, but here is another chapter of AIW, ready for you courtesy of MKnue.  She is freaking awesome isn’t she?

LOL.  As I mentioned yesterday (for me today), I did the banner and so on.

A reminder, I am using Spotify for now to do the music.  The list for AIW is here: Spotify All I Want   4Padfoot has alerted me that not all songs may be there, since I have them.  But at least you can check it out.  There are many more story lists, right now, I am listening to the Revelations playlist.  Forgot how good it was!!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite story in the February Writing Contest.  I am probably taking the day off to relax, so enjoy your chapter…..


Yes, we are getting close, so you will be getting weird pics.. just remember, Sookie is changing…………………..

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