Wow.. didn’t we just do this?

Anywho.  Here is your chapter of All I Want.

Good News.. We are getting to where a lot of your answers will  be coming your way.  The bad news?  There are 25 chapters to this story.  So with Chapter 21 today, we are reaching the end of this one.


But I am working, and hopefully all the stressful things are going bye bye.  Either way, I am doing what I can do lessen my stress.

Today I am working on the banners for the Writing Challenge.  Remember, I make all the banners, and this month, there is no easy use the banner I made to make these.  I read the story, and then make the banners for the stories. I will say I am excited, there are a lot of stories in different fandoms!!!

Yesterday was fun.  It is the day off the Betas insist on, and they have told hubs. My Grandma wanted to go to IKEA for some things, and it is on the other side of Houston from us.  Mr. Kittyinaz decided Sunday was the day to go.  I picked up a mat for my desk, as well a frame for a picture (since I forgot to get the sizes of the photo’s from the Vegas trip (oops!)) that has been waiting since we did the room.  Yeah, we don’t go up there often.   I also picked up some organizing things for me.  Yes, I have CDO (OCD for those that don’t have it) and I am an organizing fool.  I also got taken to the Container store, and what I didn’t find at IKEA I did there.   I know have boxes for everything to hide away in, as well as book holders, and a nifty hand sized white board that I can use instead of all my post it’s.  They can be used for more permanent notes…

Ugh.. And I just found Murphy chewing on one of my wooden legs on my desk.  And yes, we have bones, and chew toys laying all around, even a faux wood stick that he can chew and not tear up his tummy.


Anywho… We ended up spending all day out with Grandma, and she was happy.  Mr. Kittyinaz was happy, I didn’t spend much money (shocker!) and my little CDO heart was humming happily along.  I got home, built my boxes, reorganized everything to take advantage of the new boxes, putting cords into baggies and so forth.  (Yes, I have it bad.. I got a shoe rack on Friday and spent all day Friday and Saturday smiling giddy that I organized the closet floor.)  and I cleaned up my office area, all so I can get ready to work today.

I also (in hopes of that stress thing to go down) went to the gym early this morning, found out that if I can keep up for 10 minutes, that which made me a long distance runner kicks in, and I can go.  Just gotta get past that first 10 minutes.  Now if I can only sleep….

The banner contest was held for the Kittyinaz Group on Facebook, and the Banner page has been updated with the winners.  Congrats to both ladies for their awesome banners!

So here is the chapter for today:


Brought to you by:

Mknue Betas

Later today will be the post announcing the beginning of the voting, and also the new contest.  I will say the group got a hint.. And it is a song.  I have a reasoning behind this all!

Enjoy the chapter, and I will see you later!

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