I needed a gif, and he worked.  If you have never seen this clip… omg.  Google Dean and Eye of the Tiger Supernatural.  They didn’t stop filming when they said they would, and he kept going…

So I was very disappointed in the Final Fantasy game.  They gave a lot of characters at the beginning, 10 I believe… And the whole gameplay was just off.  They did the story telling like a documentary, and no character building of they themselves.

Hopefully the next one, which I do have a downloadable play for it since Mr. Kittyinaz preordered this one, will be better.   *sighs*

However, this did teach me that I need to pick up some of my old habits.  Like playing games, and maybe even go back to painting on glass.  Why? Because while I used to read a lot, it seems that is all I do now.  And let me tell you, my jigsaw puzzles on my iPad got LOTS of workout over the last few days.  I am also going to drag out my old games.  I have FFX and X-2 on reserve for when they come out on the PlayStation 4.  It was one of my favorite games, and since we are looking for the PlayStation 2, I will be playing on the 3.  Why do I want PlayStation 2?  Because I have a treasure chest of PlayStation 1 and 2 RPG’s.

I told you I was a geek.

The other thing that happened, is that the muse will not leave me alone about the Mummy Crossover!! Three days!!! 3. Freaking. Days.  I have dreamed about the story.  So yeah, I give up.  I will be writing up at least the next section, as soon as I check some facts from the dream to what is out there.   It should take me about a week to write that up, then I will shuffle it into the edits I am doing now.  At least she could have given me the title!!!!

I really have no control over the muse.  Cause I rather dreamed about something else…


Also during this time, my review of Mag’s Beauty and the Vampire Beast hit the net.  If you didn’t know, MagsMacDonald is one of my betas, and she writes some awesome FanFiction.  I reviewed two of her stories before moving on to another of my authors.  Click on the banner above to be taken to the review.

I know, All I Want was supposed to have been updated yesterday, and I will do that when I get back.  I have lunch with the family females on Tuesdays, and I have missed a large amount of them lately.  I am going today, and Taking Grandma Kitty with me.

Techinically, I am still on vacation per Hubby.  But he threw his hands up and decided that the only way I will be on vacation, is to take me away.  I’m not complaining.  It seems next weekend (Good Friday) he is taking me to Shreveport, Leaving Thursday, and coming back Saturday.  Not long, no.  But someplace away and hopefully fun for us.  And he points out I can write better on a place I know.  Smart guy.

He is also planning later in the year to go to AZ again.  Since he was only going to Las Vegas for me, and it didn’t seem like the trip to Las Vegas was working out, he is working on deciding if he wants to do as he did 2 years ago, and go for Thanksgiving, and leave me there, to come back for Christmas, or just go.  I’m voting for the leave me there, I wrote…and Finished…All I Want when I was gone, along with a couple of others.  And being with his family is a lot of fun!! Hopefully with me having my truck this time.  I hate his car.

He is right, and one day off a week, with me slaved to the computer for the other 6 days, is not healthy.  You guys love it cause it is a lot of stories for you, but for our relationship and my health, no.  So we are going to work together and see what we can do, one of them being a garden in the front, since I like working with plants.  And more trips to the gym.  I was doing great until I pulled something a couple of weeks ago.

So while I finish getting ready, (Hopefully just needing to get ready, no make up!) Enjoy the interview, and get ready for more Mummy coming your way, after I get All I Want ready.

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