Yep, I hate to say it, but this is the last of the chapters for the All I Want story. I know the title of the next one will be All This Time. But…..IHaven’tStartedIt.

Yeah. I didn’t expect the editing to take this long!!!! No more just editing after this. I need to write not just take story after story and edit. It is killing me. So I was told to take a week off, and then this week I am writing the Mummy/Twilight story. I wrote 2 chapters in one night. And as soon as I can get back to it, I will be writing the rest. And yes… there is a thread started on it in Facebook. They get the second chapter tonight.

Plus this coming months will be busy, I will be stopping in April one way or the other, to get ready for the You Want Blood Awards. I HAVE to finish the database. No and, ifs or buts. So we will be stopping, and then I will continue after that. And the Mummy story will be put to the end of that mess coming up.


The review that came out today was for Magsmacdonald (the beta of mine!!!!) for her Make a Wish story. Go check it out!!! The banner above will take you to the review. Keep an eye out on the Non Cannon Awards, the Crossover section will be coming and hopefully a TB/SVM section!


Don’t forget that the contest for this month’s Writing will end normally tonight at midnight, but I am extending one day since this didn’t go out…


And no forgetting the new site, click on the banner above. People are loading up stories!!!


Not much to say today, because I want to get to the writing part. You know. That part I actually love doing. lol.

Thanks to my beta MKnue for all her hard work on a fandom she had no idea about….

And remember, no hurting me. Or no chapters.

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