Yep, that is what this is.

So we are down to the end, I am sooo much hoping.  6 stories folks.  That is all I have to do until I am free to work on the rec database, and to also get ready to work on my own original fiction.

I am excited, since I haven’t been writing anything new, just editing the crap out of stuff I have already written.  And it taught me a valuable lesson, don’t get so far behind!!!  I know why it happened, I was trying to finish stories before publishing them, but the group in Facebook ixnayed that one.

I am actually happy on that, since I seem to work better when you guys are so nice to tell me what you think.  I know I am so very inspired to get back to writing for a lot of the stories.

Also, I need to say again, my beta team rocks!! As I mentioned before, they are all awesome, and they have jobs, and or write in addition to that, and somehow have time for little ole me.  Yes, I am continuously surprised that you guys read me.  Seriously.  I like my stories, but never in my wildest daydreams did I think you guys would.

Carb0408 made the new LOTR Banner for the front page.  She did an excellent job!!! Here it is for you to gaze upon….

Lotr 1

So, the beta for Tin Man is almost done with the edits, and next week in fact, will be the last of the published chapters.  After that we will be publishing new chapters until we catch up to where I was.  Then it will be up to what the muse has for me.

The chapter we are up to:


And I apologize for the All I Want missep.  My fault.  I fixed everything, and if I still have it all wrong, let me know.  There is a reason 4padfoot does the linking and not me.

Don’t forget the stories this month!!! Please vote, there is only until Sunday left!!!


I finished with all but Fictionpad’s updates, and that is only because they are down.  So I can finally get back to the chapter I have been trying to edit for three days.  And it is simple.  Just a pair of dogs that have been a pain in my ass has been holding up the production.  They seem to think that 2 chewies a day thing is flexible.  So they nudge me all day long until they finally get the idea that no, they are not going to get more.  They get one at night and one during the day.

No worries, they have bones everywhere and so on.  They are spoiled rotten.

I am off to work on chapters, and hopefully send a bunch to Mknue, then I can move on to Dying to Start Again, since the beta has been ready for it.  Then Clocks… maybe with a ITE break?  We will see!!!!

Enjoy the chapter for those that want to read the Tin Man again.

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