So far today, I have had my hubby fix my blu-ray player for my computer. It seemed like it forgot it plays blu rays.  Hard to watch stuff with it not working.. especially some pivotal spots for the new story.

And.. finally… we are on new Tin Man chapters!!!!  My beta rocks so much it aint possible to explain all she does.  She has taken it upon herself to really read it, to watch the movie and the original to make sure it all ties together.  My other betas are on top of things, but for an older fic?  Wow!


But then, there is a reason I call my betas the royalty of the betas.  They seriously rock and astound me.  They give up their free time to help…me!  That alone would make them royalty.  but they go far beyond that, and often help me out when I am struggling with stuff.  They listen, and are a great group when we need to bounce ideas off each other.


Then there is the launch of the TB/SVM directory to help find you new authors as well as where your old favorites may be now.  Yeah, alot of us left fanfiction when they started to hound us for the content of our stories.  I have been posting the beginning of my stories, then telling them for more, they need to come here. Other authors were not that lucky, and got all their stories taken down along with their author page.  A comment made in a facebook page led to this site being made.  And did they pour in so much work!!!  I need to drop by my page and update the new story (it was not even a gleam in my eye when I did that page!).  I have also added my badge for you to use on the side of the posts/pages.  I highly recommend that you go play around.

And the last thing is the database.  Man, I will be thrilled when I am done with that.  I much rather write.  Some more ladies have helped me along with that.  kjwrit sent me a list this morning, as well as one of the ladies in EricizMine’s group got me a list together of what was finished or what.  THANKS!!! and MistressJessica1028, Gyllene and Queen of Area 5 has allowed me to post the spreadsheet in their groups.  Thanks so much!!! I haven’t checked the email yet today for the kittyinazsbetas@gmail.com, but I will be soon before I turn to working on that.  I did ChanelAddict yesterday, since I was waiting to see if anyone could help me with EricIzMine’s works.

I know I am harping on it, but once I am done with the TB/SVM I will be doing the rest of the fandoms I read.  The long run will be easier, and if I was truthful, to do all this the first time is hard. (I am adding other sites and the stories from other blogs)  I am not even on what is on the pages yet, I am working off the YWBA’s list from last year.  The full list, that didn’t have enough information for us to use it and so forth.  If it was on the list, I am using the author’s name to see what fics there are out there.

Normally when we try to update, we pull out the favorites from FF, and after that is done, we are wiped.  This way, will cut out a lot of the work, only using the fics I am adding to it from now on.  And if I am smart, (which I really will be for the websites) I will add as I go.   I also will maybe have a form for you guys to offer suggestions once it is done.  Right now, I am adding mine, and I will look into it in the future.  There are alot of fics!!!


So enjoy this chapter, I may have another later today, I am not sure.  Tomorrow will be an update day for the other sites, and nothing new here.  I will drop that off.  I am very committed to giving the readers here a boost in my stories than other places.  It gives you an incentive to visit and I love looking at all the wonderful visits on the site.

Don’t forget to visit the new directory!! Click as always on the badge, and it will take you to the site.

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