I am writing this one minute from midnight.  So technically it will be midnight when I hit post.  That works right?

TGIF!!!!  And they are dancing to whatever song you want to choose to be your anthem today.

I am off to bed, but when you guys read this, I will probably be up unseemly early time to be ready to leave when I am booted out of the house.  I also have a chapter that the Muse has been beating me over the head, but the good news, is that I will soon be leaking teasers over in the Facebook Group for the new story.

Thanks as ALWAYS to Bertie Bott.  If you haven’t gone over and vote in the Superhero contest, then what are you waiting on? click on the Button below to be taken to her site.


And yes, they have had notice of this chapter up by hours.   They really had an easy job of it, since I decided to figure out stuff that Robin does.  I am proud to say that I did the banners for the chapters that are currently ready for you to read on top of the Main Page.  I also updated 2 betas and their stories they have taken on.  Hey!!! It’s the little things, and this is all new.   I am mighty proud of myself.  *laughs at myself*

I hope you guys enjoy the chapter.  I am not sure what will be ready for us next week but there are rumors that two more stories will be added to the rotation of stories to be updated.

So have a great weekend, and I am going off to spend time with GrandmaKitty.  It’s that time.

Now off to go to bed so I can wake up early and write a shopping list.  Oi Vey!

Here is the chapter!



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