Never really thought about it.  The betas pick which days they want for their stories to be published.  The only exceptions is Wednesday, which is Meridian’s day.  And posting day.  And also happens to be the start of my posting weeks… hmmm…

So.. How are you guys?  Me?  I am doing good.  I worked on the database, and without what I was sent last night to upload (I haven’t got that far, spent some time recharging myself) I have 556 stories in there so far.  Since I have a very far way to go in the Fanfiction side, yeah.  I read too much.  And this is not including my follows, which I need to get over there also.  I do not remember the lady who is helping me with the blogs, but she rocks (I don’t want to blab her real name on this site.  That is rude.)

I also wrote another chapter for Sacred last night and the muse let slip some more information.  It is a E/S/G.  Sorry for those that don’t like threesomes…  But I honestly cannot see any other unless I bring in Bella.  I am trying for I Never…Did.  And I will make it work for that one.  But… it just doesn’t feel right for my Godric and Eric.

I also finished Carol E. Stewart’s Preemptive Strike, and will be doing the review of that story here soon.  I am on InLoveWithEric Precious Love.  And when done with that I will be catching up on my fics, before I dive into another of her works.  I am looking for something I remember, so I figure I would review to give these wonderful ladies a boost for their muses hopefully.  Unfortunately it won’t be until July.  But hey..  At least you will get something each week for sure!

Reviews really spark the muses.  My muse is chomping at the bit, which is not making it easy for me to finish the database, but the good news, you might have a huge story with out a sequel by the time I am done.  That and 4Padfoot and Royal Ember asking me questions as they pre read it.  lol.  See??!!?!  Reviews!

So to all of you who at least even hit like, those help also!  It tells us, hey I can’t think of anything to say, but I did like the chapter!  But reviews, man.  Often my muse starts nudging me, and I give her a look.   “Database first.  We need to finish this up, then the edits.  I gave you Sacred to play with.  After we finish those we have a book to write.  Then you can go back to your fans.  But just wait for that book, missy.  We might get more fans and more stuff to feed you.  And Mr. K will let up with the whole I do nothing all day teasing.”  (yes it is teasing, and he makes sure I know that everyday!)

I am off to play referee with the dogs who keep fighting at my literal feet for attention, and the dang database.  Then give the muse some freedom, then back again at work.

Don’t forget all the reminders I gave last night.  (I will repeat them all tomorrow.)


Enjoy the chapter!


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