I am just giving a heads up that there is voting going on for the YOu Want Blood New Blood awards.  Go over and vote for your favorite new author.

Right now, I am trying to wake up.  Bad, BAD storm this morning and it finally stopped raining.  When I was asked to get up and lock the doggie door, there was water in the yard standing enough to cover the paws and a ways up the dogs.  Connor was soaked.  The floor before the doggie door was standing puddles.  Our yard was flooded, which we don’t unless it is bad.  The neighbors across the street, well they are still under inches maybe a foot of water.

So glad I live in a raised beam house.  For those that don’t know, that means my house sits on what looks like cinder blocks a couple feet off the ground.  It is not a mobile home, but a house.  The front part of my house was built after the 1912 storm in Galveston.  It is also thought to keep the house cooler during the warm months with the air moving underneath.  Most of the times, it is a pain in the ass, but when it floods, it is a blessing.  And since it has survived many a hurricane, we are fine with it.

And then we have the fun of weather in Texas.  Yesterday, with AC running all day it was 80 in the house.  Today the AC is off right now, and I have turned off a fan in the office.  And people wonder why I want to go back to AZ.  Weather there is so much nicer!!!

So all this is to tell you, I have a try at a photoshop that someone requested, then I am going to work on Heavenly chapters.  Yes, you heard it, I wrote one last night.  Then I spent the rest of the time thinking of what else I need to hit up to finish this book.  There will be a total of 6 books in this one, and as time goes by, the original HP series will be departed from.  I already had a bunch of stuff I could cross off the list for CoS. I am hoping to get it finished or at least close to this weekend.  Then Monday I will be back to work on editing.

Right now, I am going to make my cups of tea, then I am getting to work.  I have laundry, then Stormy will be with me today while I work.

C-Ya!  And don’t forget to vote!

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