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I spent all day working on these.  I am happy, shoot thrilled with all but one.  And that one, well when the contest is done, I will be getting with the Author (whoever they may be) and talk with them.  There comes a point when what you picture so perfectly in your mind doesn’t transmit to the photoshop.

Especially when you cannot find the dang pictures.

Two banners had that problem, but thanks to a random comment from 4Padfoot, one got finished.  The other, well no one could help with that one.  It didn’t help that one of the characters wasn’t who I was picturing for it.  Stupid banner muse.

But they are done.  I cannot say which is my favorite, since they are all so different.  Of course, I wasn’t really trying for it, but I went with what the stories told me.  The picture, the movie that played in my head inspires alot of what I do.  I will say for one, it turned much more dreamy aspect than I expected, but after I drove MamaKitty nuts playing Carnivals of Rust for it, well it worked.  And I used a pic of Alex I have been itching to!

I will warn you.  The ladies left warnings in their stories.  READ THEM.  Seriously. I read each and every one of them, and I will say the warnings that were left were very accurate.  Not all the stories had them, but remember, this is to encourage new writers to step forward and play ball with our authors that are already in the fandoms.  All is even on the playing field.  I have no idea who wrote what, or who even entered!  ok. I do know one person, but I cannot even guess which one was hers.  I suspect, and we will see at the end when Rissa gives me the envelope, but I have been wrong often.

Now here is your jobs:

  • Writers, please tell people it is going on!!! Use the Fairy Tale banner to advertise it.
  • Readers, please read them all, and let the readers know what you think!!!!  Leaving a review helps our new writers get the confidence.
  • And everyone, VOTE!!!!

Seriously.  Without you guys, we wouldn’t have this contest.  We wouldn’t be encouraging new blood into the fanfiction world!  Some of my own betas have started out writing in my contest, and they are now staples in my reading.  When I say I have no idea, I really don’t.

Fair that way.  I am not influenced on what I make on who did what.  Everyone gets my head banging, growling at the stupid Google and so on.  I wish to thank the following for their help while I did banners, My Beta ladies who cheered me on, especially: Royal Ember (for the use of Alex!!!), Mknue (I still didn’t get that room but thanks!), Rissa, (For everything you do, but your help in finding red Leightons!) and 4Padfoot, who gave me the idea for the banner when I was hitting a blank wall, and so was she!).  And to SecretNerdPrincess for her cheering me on while I worked on them in the group.  (if I messed up your name, Sorry!!!)

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So go read, enjoy.  The polls close in a week. The main picture for the post is the link!

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P.S. From 4Padfoot

Yes I have high jacked control from Wendy who is supposed to be on vacation I think.  I have added polls to each Story, the main challenge page and even the sidebar.  So no excuses for not voting.  But remember you only get one vote!  So make it count!  Then just for me I have to add a Josh gif!  Enjoy!!

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