Yes, you read it, there is an actual chapter hidden in all my musing this time!!!!

:Snickers:  I am also taking time so the wonderful 4Padfoot has time to do her magic wand waiving.  Seriously, she has a Sirius Black wand.  I am so jealous.

Ok.  So what the heck is going on Kittyinaz? You are a day late in posting your weekly updates.  Though the chapter is nice…

Nice of you to ask!  Yesterday I baby sat my nephews.  It was…interesting.  LOL  The youngest is in the terrible 2’s and pushing to see how much Aunt Kittyinaz will allow.  He didn’t win, of course. I had excellent practice in one of my cousins when she was a baby.  It was funny to watch, his brother even telling him to do what I said since he couldn’t watch Jake the Neverland Pirate until Nephew 2 did as I said.

Also, to add to the fun, I went to bed at 9 on Sunday, and woke up at 12:30 am Monday morning.  And never went back to sleep.  Brother 1 told Brother 2 that it was too bad, but he was tired so it was nap time so Aunt Kittyinaz could sleep.  Nephew 2 decided that as long as I set a timer for 40 minutes, and he could get out of bed after that, he would do it.  He had no idea what 40 minutes was, but I was all for that one!

I ended up taking 3 melatonin last night to get to sleep 8 hours.  Thank god!

I am also trying to do something, that I am occupied otherwise.  I can’t tell you what, but you should see in about 2-3 months.  Until then, I have only a few more days to keep to schedule, then pushing for another part and then I can finish.

So to say the least, I will be doing that this month, but the betas are trying to catch up with the work I have already sent them.  I have up to Chapter 4 done for them on Clocks, Game of Life has a Beta, the last written chapter of LOTR is done and will be posted on time next week.  What If Beta is trying to get online, but the site is not being nice.  Dying to Start again is being worked on by the beta between busy schedules.  I think that is the schedule right now. Remember it is Summer, and it is a hard time to work on stuff when you have the kiddos at home.  I know it is frustrating to wait for updates, but I rather them not feel pressured and work as they can, than try to find awesome betas.  They are a little hard to find.

The chat page seems to be a huge hit.  I usually sit on there when I am writing.  But the issue is, I am writing.  If I am lost in a scene, then it may take a little bit for me to register what is going on.  I have Facebook open all the time, as well as the Chat page.  In addition to that, I watch for my betas, and they get priority first.  Since you like your chapters, I make sure I answer questions from them first.


We also have a new beta!!!  It will take a bit to see work from her, we are working with her to get her used to our way of working.  So far, she is freaking awesome.  I don’t think she realizes the pluses yet, she is too busy trying to load programs to help out.  She is an editor and Journalist, so I look forward to seeing what she has to say.  Also nervous, but you are always nervous when you do anything new.  If you see her in the Facebook Group or online in the chat room, please say hi!  Once we are on a roll, we will update what she is betaing for.  She is on the Home Page in the Beta section also.  Remember, that the betas on the page that have their own websites have links there also.  They are an awesome bunch of writers on their own, so please take a look at it if you are bored!

Pets: Since you guys ask about them, they are doing great!  Connor is loving that he gets to play in water every day.  We have to water the AC unit since it is freezing up.  Connor thinks the evil water is attacking the AC so he tries to save it.  ::Snickers::  Murphy does his part, but he dries sooo much faster than Connor.  Also Connor is a Golden, a breed that adores water.  So when he comes in, he is not kinda wet, he is soaked.   Stormy, is still officially an it.  Her next Vet visit is.. Friday I think.  I will be seeing if they can guess also.  She is still trying to cuddle when I am typing. If you chat, expect to see messages from her.  We are trying to teach her to not walk on the keyboard, but it is an uphill fight.

Other than that, we are counting down to The day before Thanksgiving, when I will be leaving TX for AZ.  My hubby comes back that Sunday, but I will be there with Connor.  Then I go into writing when I want, and last time I wrote AIW.  I am going to try again to write the sequel and as many others as I can.

I still need to work on the original Fiction.  Ugh this is not easy, since I am trying to make sure I do not make errors later.  So bear with me, while I try to fix stuff.  Thank god for One Note is all I can say to keep people straight now!

This week on Non-Canon Awards, I focused on:

What Are You 2

It’s only on Fanfiction, sorry, but I hope it is working now!  Her interview will be later this week! Don’t forget to subscribe to the site!

Ok, the chapter for today is:


You get to meet Bella’s real dad, and the reason she is now in Middle Earth.  I so want to write more on this fic.  There is one more chapter left written, but this one is done in my head.  Too bad I don’t have a way to just send it all to paper already!  (Without typing obviously!)  Many thanks to the awesome beta for this story:



If I get another update in time for normal posting, I will let you guys know!



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