A serious blast from the past…

So, I spent yesterday moving Alice and Hatter to BiT (Better in Texas) and Fanfiction Affliction.  Loaded it and finished, even with the linking in BiT.  Then I was remembering my beta (MKnue) told me had chapters for this story done.  I went out and bam!  They are done!!!

But here is the deal.  I will be making banners for these chapters, so I can move them all over to BIT and the other sites all prettied up.

Fanfiction still has the majority of the chapters, and will until we catch this one up.  Once that is done, Outtake is being yanked, and Fanfiction will only have edited chapters.  (no lemons.  WE can’t have those nasty things on our site!!!!!)

I will try to publish one day a week the chapters.  Not sure what days it will be published.  Still sorting things out.  I need to get back to editing this week, and Clocks is almost out of the trouble area, and it will go much faster.  I don’t have that one finished, but you guys wanted what I had.  I then need to work on editing Best, then Sacred then Blood.  All the chapter we have published on Fanfiction for this one had been edited by me.

The links on the chapter do not work yet.  I need to go in and find the shortlinks and so on.  Sorry.

Revelations 8 1

Hope you will enjoy this!!!!